Function of medical air sterilization in addition to formaldehyde

by:Funglan     2020-11-02
Function of medical air sterilization in addition to formaldehyde function of medical air sterilization in addition to formaldehyde? Small make up found a lot of people in the process of consultation, would question the question, whether can in addition to formaldehyde? Small make up with you on this issue to explore: a preferred, we first understand the formaldehyde in life bring what harm to us: 1, when the concentration of formaldehyde in per cubic meter of air at 0. 06 - 0. 7 mg/m3, children's mild asthma occurs; 2, when the formaldehyde in indoor air reaches 0. 1 mg/m3, it is faulty and discomfort. 3, formaldehyde reaches 0. 5 mg/m3, can stimulate an eye, cause tears; 4, formaldehyde reaches 0. 6 mg/m3, can cause throat discomfort or pain. When the concentration is higher, can cause nausea and vomiting, chest cough, asthma and pulmonary edema; 5, formaldehyde reaches 30 mg/m3, would immediately kill people. Second, the main source of formaldehyde pollution sources of furniture and fabric and wood packing, building, detergents, cosmetics and personal care, etc. , which are mainly man-made plank. 1, plywood, joinery board used in interior decoration, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF) man-made plank. 2, indoor furniture, including man-made board furniture, cloth art furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. 3, formaldehyde composition of other kinds of decoration materials, especially the unqualified white emulsion and coating, etc. 4, indoor decorative textiles, including bedding, wallpaper, carpet, wall cloth and curtain, etc. Because decorate the waste materials and coatings, the home will produce harmful gas such as formaldehyde, is very harmful to human body. Especially the house that new clothes builds, if home with young children and pregnant women, their resistance is weak, it is very easy to cause infection, followed by schools and other public places, in these places how to avoid the invasion of bacteria and harmful gas? Medical air disinfection machine will become the city's push disinfection purification products, medical air disinfection machine into semiconductor, plasma, ultraviolet radiation, ozone and other four kinds of disinfection machine. Now the market is generally common semiconductor air sterilizer, application & other; Semiconductor catalysis & throughout; And original semiconductor ionization device and & other Specular light & throughout; Technology that can against bacteria and harmful gas in the air to clear, achieve good disinfection purification effect. The mobile medical air disinfection machine is no problem for the removal of formaldehyde, it implements the air natural bacteria killing rate is as high as & ge; 99. 00%; Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Vendors would provide all kinds of air disinfection, air sterilizer price, in addition to formaldehyde air disinfection products
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