Guizhou (medical) air disinfection machine│Guiyang dynamic air disinfection machine-unpacking inspection and installation method-industry news

by:Funglan     2021-03-14
Guizhou (medical) air disinfection machine│Guiyang dynamic air disinfection machine-unpacking inspection and installation method Guizhou Guiyang is a market with a relatively large sales share of domestic air disinfection machines ('' brand, air disinfection machines). Many consumers in Guiyang, Guizhou often Consult the installation steps and technical requirements of the multifunctional air sterilizer. Many users in other regions in China will consider the installation steps of the disinfection machine and the inspection requirements of the disinfection machine when purchasing the air disinfection machine. Now we will introduce the installation, debugging and inspection methods of some multi-functional air disinfection machines in a unified manner. Users in Guiyang and other parts of the country are helpful. 1. Unpacking and inspection of the air disinfection machine (multifunctional air disinfection machine): 1) Take out the plastic bag in the packaging box of the disinfection machine. The plastic bag contains the operation manual of the disinfection machine, product packing list, product warranty and disinfection The installation of the machine fixes the accessory parts. 2) Take out the plastic foam around the sterilizer from the packing box. 3) Take out the sterilizer from the packing box and prepare for installation. 4) Check whether there are any leftovers in the packaging box of the sterilizer. 5) Check the appearance of the sterilizer for damage or scratches. 6) Gently shake the sterilizer and listen carefully for any abnormal noise inside the machine. 7) Check whether the taken out logistics is the same as the packing list of the sterilizer. 2. Installation and requirements of air disinfection machine (multifunctional air disinfection machine): 1. Installation method of hand-push cart-type mobile air disinfection machine: install 4 runners on the bottom of the disinfection machine with installation tools In the round hole, check whether the sterilizer can move and turn flexibly. 2. Installation method of wall-mounted wall-mounted air sterilizer: 1) The height of the installation wall of the disinfection machine is 2m—2.5m from the ground, and the wall of the disinfection machine is fixed with 4 metal expansion screws. 2) The specification of the metal expansion screw for installing the sterilizer is M8ⅹ75mm. 3) Determine whether the hanging plate of the disinfector is parallel to the wall. 4) Hang the sterilizer on the hanging plate. 5) Insert the power plug of the sterilizer into the power socket, and manually select the functions of the sterilizer to check whether the sterilizer is working properly. For more air disinfection machines and multi-functional air disinfection machines, please view: 3. Installation method of ceiling-mounted ceiling type embedded air disinfection machine: hide the disinfection machine and install it on the ceiling of the room, and install the interlayer distance of the disinfection machine The height of the ceiling should not be less than 0.5m, and it should be equipped with a maintenance channel for the disinfection machine.
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