H5N6 avian flu was born, how can we prevent?

by:Funglan     2020-11-26
The 2013 SARS harm many, make people panic, crow dog barks. Then there is bird flu transmission of avian flu is headed by H7N9 the trot, is make trouble. Facing these harm human life virus, through the efforts of the relevant departments and professional experts, finally solve the problem above virus vaccines, drugs and recovery. So in the face of today's H5N6 bird flu was born how can we prevent? What fatal cases, with small make up know recently live! It is reported that recently the guangdong, jiangxi, sichuan, yunnan, Harbin H5N6 found cases of bird flu, everybody attention with high incidence of mortality is higher. Winter is the flu season, the Beijing center for disease control and prevention, according to the monitoring data is now into the flu season. So in the future for a period, influenza activity levels will be increased, caused by the influenza virus school collective units such as the possibility of concentrated fever outbreak will increase further. According to observe the fever outpatient number increasing, the number of flu increased obviously. Because the patient that resulted from exposure to chickens and ducks and birds infect, died. According to understand Beijing has banned throughout the city trade live poultry, experts are calling for: live poultry markets shut as soon as possible, prevent H5N6 bird flu. Life, how to prevent H5N6 bird flu spread? First, pay attention to food hygiene and safety, food should eat cooked, processed fish to pay attention to safety. The second, less contact with chickens, ducks poultry, especially livestock more to stay away from illness. Third, the physical discomfort, sneezing, runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, pay attention to personal hygiene, such as to avoid transmission to others. Fourth, if the disease is important to pay attention to timely medical treatment, indicating the situation! Fifth, pay attention to daily life and health, indoor to keep ventilated, wash your hands often, pay attention to rest, exercise more. H5N6 mainly people spread of avian bird flu so far, has not spread from person to person, so we should be prepared to prevent and avoid poultry contact, prevent the happening of human-to-human transmission. Together the concentric, to eradicate the chests H5N6 virus. Life stock CARDS wall-mounted air disinfector, safe and convenient sterilization healthy life. Let our life to restore vitality and restore a healthy environment.
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