Hainan Haikou Plasma Air Sterilizer│Human Machine Coexistence Air Sterilizer-Product Category and Price Range-Industry News

by:Funglan     2021-03-12
Plasma air disinfection machine in Haikou, Hainan│Human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine-product category and price range Many hospitals in Haikou, Hainan have purchased and used plasma air sterilizer (human-machine coexistence air sterilizer), and I feel pretty good. Air purification and disinfection under coexistence. Recently, the leaders of a large hospital in Haikou, Hainan intend to use their hospital’s clean operating room, general operating room, ICU, NICU, neonatal room, delivery room, supply room, interventional treatment center, hemodialysis room, infusion room, waiting room, and sterile Plasma air sterilizers (dynamic air sterilizers) were fully introduced and used in departments such as hospitals and treatment rooms. The leaders of the hospital also learned in detail about the product classification and prices of air sterilizers for human-machine coexistence. I believe that these situations are also what many consumers care about and need to understand. Here is an introduction to the company’s product categories and price ranges. Plasma air disinfection machine (man-machine coexistence air disinfection machine) is divided into series products from the installation method: wall-mounted, mobile, cabinet-type, ceiling-mounted type, etc., from the sterilization factor, it is divided into: ultraviolet plasma air sterilizer , Plasma plasma air disinfection machine (also known as: multifunctional air disinfection machine), etc. According to the air volume of the disinfection machine, it is divided into: 800m3/h, 1000m3/h, 1300m3/h, 1500m3/h, etc. According to the applicable volume of the sterilizer, it can be divided into 80m3, 100m3, 120m3, 150m3, etc. More plasma air disinfection machines, human-machine coexistence air disinfection machines view: At present, the price of plasma air disinfection machines (medical dynamic air disinfection machines) on the domestic market does not have a unified pricing standard, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. The price range spans a wide range, so many consumers do not know how to buy, how much money to buy and what configuration disinfection machine. For the price, the price range of wall-mounted ultraviolet plasma air disinfection machine is 5500-7000 yuan, the price range of mobile ultraviolet plasma air disinfection machine is 6000-7500 yuan, and the price range of vertical UV plasma air disinfection machine is 8000 yuan. -9500 yuan, the price range of ceiling ultraviolet plasma air disinfection machine is 9500-11000 yuan. The price range of wall-mounted plasma plasma air disinfection machine is 7500-9000 yuan, the price range of mobile plasma plasma air disinfection machine is 8000-9500 yuan, and the price range of cabinet-type plasma plasma air disinfection machine is 11000-12500 yuan, ceiling type The price range of plasma plasma air disinfection machine is 12500-14500 yuan.
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