Haze to prepare air disinfection machine again?

by:Funglan     2020-10-28
According to the small make up learned recently more PM2 in our country. 5 more polluted, according to related survey there are 77 city air severe fouling. Once again face the fog haze, are you ready to preventive measures? Whether in the home to prepare the air sterilizer, with small make up take a look at why prepare air disinfection machine? We all know that the fog haze, namely we often say: the PM2. 5. As for what the PM2. 5? I think we all know, here small make up is not long. Simple description: fine particulate matter, less than 2. Five particles, easy accessory in suspended in the air, easy to be sucked into the lungs. Haze of main chemical components are: nitrate, sulfate, ammonium salt, sodium salt ( Na+) Elements, elements, carbon, carbon, and so on. Long in the PM2. More than 5 environment in chemical composition, internal organs may lead to damage to cause all kinds of diseases. So in the home will be more safe? Everyone knows that outdoor air pollution indoor air will be affected by different degree, so the indoor air also in slowly in the pollution, and so in the face of fog ( PM2。 5) We have a solution? Already on the market at present, there are many brands of air sterilizer, in the face of ichthyosaur confuse disinfection machine market, choose a suitable air disinfection machine is also worthy of our thinking problem, not only can remove the PM2. 5, and to purify the air energy conservation and environmental protection. As well as can reduce the budget, improve the effect of purification. You really can find affordable air purification disinfection machine? It is understood that the current market out of the air disinfector, a new technology called? The first three yuan air disinfector, semiconductor technology, I don't know you seen relevant information. According to small make up to know, this is a new era of innovation product, looks pretty high. Know we can go to the website concrete product center, we'll see how it works: speaking of which, you may want to in my mind, fog here we have air sterilizer, need not worry too much. Haze came again, whether you also is equipped with air disinfector semiconductor technology? Here, you may want to in my mind, fog here we have air disinfection machine, need not worry too much. Haze came again, whether you also is equipped with air disinfector semiconductor technology? Small make up understand Beijing related department, said the Beijing heavy pollution characteristics significantly, elevating phenomenon is very obvious, for the first time in November 26, PM2. 5 concentration is 46 ug/m3 ~ 286 ug/m3, by yesterday by the ug/m3 57 ~ 526 ug/m3. Rise up to dozens of times. To this day has amounted to 796 ug/m3, the highest peak is close to 1000 ug/m3. The city almost all quick can't see. Haze came again, prepare the air disinfection machine? Hope haze dispersed soon, I hope everyone can healthy and happy every day, let us join hands in creating a good environment, with your peers. Wishing you all the best, and peace, health!
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