He is analysed virus triggered new findings related to some kind of syndrome

by:Funglan     2020-10-10
We heard the chandrasekhar virus to attack the other day, I also have a lot of about 'the spread of the virus, such as the aedes mosquitoes spread, sexual transmission, etc. , so the last time we saw the story about his virus and small head son, today small make up a everyone about his new virus found. The questions about chandrasekhar virus infection little head disease is still in debate, now he virus and the connection between the small head disease has not been proved exactly, but the current us chandrasekhar virus infection of pregnant women children risk of capitulum disease are increased obviously. This had to cause people's rational speculation. At this point, in a skull and a brain abnormalities in newborns in relation to an abnormal nerve disease, artificially and gillan - he virus The barre syndrome have been linked. What is a gillan - The barre syndrome? Gillan - The barre syndrome is also called the green Barry syndrome, is a peripheral nerve and nerve root demyelinating lesions and small blood vessels inflammatory cells infiltrating into the pathological characteristics of autoimmune peripheral neuropathy, the typical gillan - Barre syndrome known as acute inflammatory demyelinating multiple mental derangement, clinical manifestations of acute symmetrical flaccid paralysis. It is understood that the related researchers to a new study demonstrates his recent virus may cause gillan - The occurrence of the barre syndrome. The researchers based on 2013 - In 2014 France chandrasekhar virus blood samples from patients, found in every 100000 chandrasekhar virus symptoms of 24 meetings will occur in patients with GBS. The researchers analyzed the stage of 42 patients with gillan - he the outbreak The barre syndrome patients, found that 41 ( 98%) Blood samples containing chandrasekhar virus specific antibody. On the contrary, the control group only 54% patients with specific antibodies. As the seasons change, the south began to slowly into the summer, such as guangdong, shenzhen, guangxi, etc. So tourism theme of this season, although there are only a few countries and chandrasekhar virus exists, and the transmission rate has been effectively controlled, including America, Marine countries and African countries. Each tourist attractions is people mountain people sea, people from all over the world together. But there are still many virus of foreign tourists to the region returned to the United States and other countries, which causes the virus to spread again. Summer is coming, pay attention to indoor health, personal hygiene, keep living environment clean and tidy. Such as conditional case can choose and buy plasma air sterilizer, open interior circulation air to protect your family's health.
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