Heart-warming air disinfection machine (air purification disinfection machine)-care for the health of the elderly

by:Funglan     2021-03-26
Winter is here and the smog is here. When we all fight against the smog, there is a special group that should be cared for. That is the elderly. The elderly who have made contributions should be cared for by the whole society. Elderly people whose body resistance is declining are more susceptible to the influence of harsh air, which can induce a variety of respiratory diseases. The harm of haze weather to the elderly is unimaginable. Just when our blue sky is blocked by the haze, we should really do something for the elderly. Intelligent product-air sterilizer (air purification disinfection machine) allows the elderly to enjoy a healthy and green life, and also a clean breathing environment for the elderly. A relevant person in charge of a charity said, “The air quality in nursing homes, nursing homes, and elderly apartments should be paid more attention to. We have introduced air disinfection machines (air purifiers). The air quality in nursing homes and nursing homes has been greatly improved. Our response is also very good.” At the same time, the person in charge further stated that “we have not done enough, and we need to introduce more air disinfection machines (air purification and disinfection machines) so that more elderly people can enjoy a healthy and green life.” . Recently, the editor learned that the charity organization has ordered 225 multifunctional air disinfection machines and sent them to dozens of elderly care institutions across the country. At the same time, the relevant person in charge introduced to the editor in detail that the air sterilizer (air purification and disinfection machine) products are tested and noise tested in full accordance with the testing requirements set by the country before they leave the factory. Ensure that the listed products meet the high standards of equipment installation, trial operation, performance assessment, operation and maintenance. The person in charge of said, 'If the smog does not go away, all the employees will be ready to fight for the holidays.'
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