Heilongjiang Embedded UV Air Sterilizer Price-Daqing Ceiling UV Air Sterilizer Installation Instructions-Industry News

by:Funglan     2021-03-04
Heilongjiang Embedded UV Air Sterilizer Price-Daqing Ceiling UV Air Sterilizer Installation Instructions With the popularity and widespread publicity of Heilongjiang ceiling UV air sterilizers in hospitals, people have more understanding of embedded UV air sterilizers . The air disinfection machine has an indirect impact on the patient's rehabilitation environment. Therefore, many hospital blood stations and laboratories have installed ceiling-mounted ultraviolet air disinfection machines. The ceiling is embedded with intelligent sensory elements, and the machine ceiling is installed On the ceiling of the ceiling, the four-direction sensor-controlled air supply layout, air purification and disinfection run automatically, and will not affect the overall decoration layout of the room, and can also be integrated with the ceiling decoration of the room. But do you know how much the ceiling-type UV air disinfection machine is? The factory sells this kind of UV air disinfection machine that is suspended and installed on the ceiling. Many consumers in Daqing, Heilongjiang have evaluated the quality of the embedded air disinfection machine and the sterilization effect is ideal. The classification of ceiling type circulating air ultraviolet air disinfection machine: It is divided into hidden embedded circulating air ultraviolet air disinfection machine and surface-mounted ceiling type circulating air ultraviolet air disinfection machine. The concealed type, as the name implies, is to hide the ceiling-type circulating wind ultraviolet air sterilizer behind the wall or cover it with other beautiful things to make it invisible to people. The surface-mounted type is to expose the ceiling-mounted air sterilizer to people's sight so that people can see the sterilizer. Both the hidden installation method and the surface installation method can reflect the unique advantages of the ceiling-mounted air disinfection machine with wide-angle air supply on all sides, and rapid air purification and disinfection without dead ends. The selection method of the embedded air disinfection machine: If there is no separate air purification system in the room, the air purification and air disinfection needs can be unified. Choose the specifications and models of the ceiling air disinfection machine according to the purpose, applicable area or volume of the room. When selecting the equipment specifications and models, the principle is not to be less than the manufacturer's specifications. It can be used according to the manufacturer's manual. One or more embedded human-machine co-existence air disinfection machines are selected according to the area or volume of the room to be disinfected. According to the room structure and decoration requirements, it is the constant pursuit to choose the installation method (exposed or concealed), so that consumers can purchase and use a satisfactory ceiling-mounted man-machine co-existence air disinfection machine. For more ceiling-mounted embedded ultraviolet air disinfection machines, please see: The characteristics of the ceiling-mounted human-machine coexistence air sterilizer: mainly composed of (initial effect + intermediate effect + activated carbon + photocatalyst) composite filter, working air duct, and super ultraviolet light It is composed of tube, ionizer, ultra-static fan, LCD operation monitoring system and casing. Installing the ceiling-mounted man-machine coexistence air sterilizer on the roof can not only greatly save the use space of the house, but also look more beautiful. Moreover, the installation of the ceiling-mounted ceiling-type embedded air disinfection opportunity will make the air outlet area of u200bu200bthe disinfection machine larger and the effect will be better.
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