High-tech dynamic medical air disinfection machine-Chengdu '3+3 mode' air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-05
High-tech dynamic medical air disinfection machine-'3+3 mode' air disinfection machine developed and manufactured '3+3 mode' air disinfection machine-high-tech dynamic air sterilizer, a perfect combination of multiple disinfection modes and multiple purification modes , Which pushes the air purification and air sterilization effects to a new level, can ensure that the air quality in various environments of the hospital meets the standard every day, and prolongs the effective service life of the air disinfection machine 'Medical Air Disinfection MachineThe operating cost of air purification and air disinfection. '3+3 mode' refers to: single ultraviolet disinfection mode + single high pressure plasma disinfection mode + high pressure plasma and ultraviolet combined disinfection mode; low wind purification mode + stroke purification mode + high wind purification mode. The '3+3 mode' air disinfection machine developed and manufactured-a high-tech dynamic medical air disinfection machine, is an air purification and disinfection product that can coexist with man and machine. When the hospital performs air purification and disinfection in various environments, medical care People and patients do not need to leave the disinfection room, that is, when people are active, they can kill bacteria, molds and other microorganisms in the air, and the disinfection machine does not have any side effects. The specific air purification and air disinfection process is: adopt the '3+3 mode' in the case of high-frequency activities with people, adopt the '2+2 mode' in the case of low-frequency activities with people, and adopt the '2+2 mode' in the case of no people activities Adopt '1+1 mode' to maintain air quality. The '3+3 mode' medical air disinfection machine-high-tech dynamic air disinfection machine developed and manufactured has been purchased and used by hospitals all over the country. It is used in clean operating rooms, general operating rooms, ICU, NICU, Neonatal room, delivery room, supply room, interventional treatment center, hemodialysis room, infusion room, waiting room, sterile room, treatment room and other departments. After the use of medical air disinfection machines in these places, the hospital has achieved good air purification and sterilization effects, effectively improving the hospital's air quality control level. For more air sterilizers 'Medical Air SterilizersStyle (vertical, cabinet), ceiling (ceiling, ceiling, embedded) and other styles. Design the installation plan of the hospital air disinfection machine for customers free of charge, and prepare the air purification and disinfection technical plan for the hospital. Provide more hospitals with this kind of superior sterilization equipment and application technology to ensure the air quality of the hospital and help the hospital stay away from the secondary pollution of microorganisms. 'Medical ' is an efficient air purification and disinfection machine with fast purification and sterilization speed, thorough purification and sterilization, large purification and sterilization range, low purification and disinfection cost, intelligent automatic operation, safe use, and disinfection performance Stability and other characteristics can effectively improve the air quality level of various environments in the hospital.
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