High temperature air conditioning disease in summer - German quality tower fans help you relieve your worries!

by:Funglan     2022-05-10

Air conditioners are frequently used electrical appliances in our lives, especially in summer, sitting in the office blowing air conditioners every day, so how to prevent air conditioner diseases in summer?

People who work and study in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, because the space is relatively closed and the air is not ventilated, it is easy to suffer from air-conditioning disease, so we must pay attention to ventilation when using air-conditioning in summer. Let's learn about it together!

How does air conditioning disease arise?

1. The temperature of human skin is different due to the stimulation of cold. That is, the temperature of the extremities is lower than that of the torso, the hands and feet are cooled, and the body's ability to regulate the temperature is powerless.

2. In the air-conditioned ultra-cold room, the negative ions are almost equal to zero. Negative air ions are negatively charged air molecules, which can make people uplifted and improve human body functions. and a marked decline in health. It has been determined that the number of negative ions per square centimeter in an ordinary living room is fifty, but it can be reduced to less than ten after using an air conditioner.

3. If the temperature difference is large and the temperature changes suddenly, the autonomic nervous system of the human body is difficult to adapt, and the symptoms of air-conditioning disease will appear. Expressed as irritability, nervousness, insomnia and so on.

4. Diseases caused by dry air. In this dry air for a long time, first of all, our eyes are dry and our lips are dry; secondly, due to less clothing, most of the skin is exposed in this dry air, even if there is no sweat, it will lose a lot of moisture; Then, when breathing, the inhalation is dry air, and the exhalation is almost saturated moisture. In this way, more water will be lost. If this happens for a long time, the nasal mucosa and tracheal mucosa will dry out. When cracking occurs, viruses such as colds will take advantage of the situation, causing colds and coughs.

City Electronics Co., Ltd. -- this home appliance brand that has been focusing on air purification for 22 years, has been adding new products and new technologies for many years. The German-quality high-end metal tower fan GL-FS580 is now available. The unique shape design combines a 160-degree wind cutting angle to simulate the natural wind to a greater extent. With the embedded noise reduction and shock absorption system, it is silent and durable, while increasing the air volume. , reduce noise and blow out quiet and soft wind.

We expect more Chinese manufacturers to be like the same, not only pursuing innovation and breakthroughs, but also maintaining their own professional field - improving the air in the home and becoming the air partner in everyone's mind. Just like when we think of coffee we think of Starbucks, when we think of home air improvement, we think of Air Mate, let the home breathe deeply.

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