High voltage electrostatic lampblack purification compared with the difference of air disinfection purification machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-21
High voltage electrostatic lampblack purification compared with the difference of air disinfection purification, environmental science and technology has been committed to air disinfection purification machine technology innovation, enhance the core competition of the medical air disinfection purification machine environment, and to get the masses of users of environmental science and technology medical air disinfection purification machine high recognition. High-voltage electrostatic smoke purifier device product features: 1. Low operating cost, small amount of maintenance, easy to care, does not produce secondary pollution. 2. Electrostatic lampblack device is small in size, light weight, the structure is simplified, easy to maintain. 3. Less electricity, no pollution, no secondary air pollution, is conducive to the protection of the environment. 4. Special purification by dc non-inductive plus pulse power supply, the control system can automatically adjust. 5. Make the kitchen working temperature is reduced, which greatly improved the working environment of the kitchen and the residents upstairs bedroom environment. 6. The kitchen lampblack, purification equipment to produce low noise, can eliminate the hotel restaurant noise nuisance, also a quiet surrounding. 7. After lampblack purification clean gas emissions can be realized, colorless, mild, is helpful to protect and improve the atmosphere environment quality. 8. The corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent insulation material, not only ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment. 9. Good environmental benefits, can make the hotel restaurants in downtown Ann and commercial housing, convenient life, create a good economic benefits, in line with the implementation guidelines for the sustainable development of economy. Works: exhaust inlet import by activated carbon soot except flavour, the particles in aluminum alloy wire mesh preprocessing device to purify exhaust gas of sundry, after treatment of the waste gas by air flow evenly spread, crossing in addition to taste, make the gas through the carbon layer, exhaust gas containing hydrocarbon and odor harmful gases, such as using activated carbon adsorption odor removal, eliminate the peculiar smell of gas is reduced greatly, so that to achieve a pure and fresh surroundings. Plasma air disinfection purification machine features: 1. Air disinfection purification machine someone environment dynamic air disinfection, realize human-machine coexistence; 2. Super quiet fan duct work conforms to the clean room of turbulence works, has the very good clean effect; 3. By microcomputer and luxury LCD panel design, automatic, timing, manual three disinfection modes to choose; 4. After using semiconductor, simply rinse immediately with water pollution of parts; When the machine needs cleaning or maintenance have prompt on the screen. 5. Activated carbon filter USES the high polymer material will be high quality activated carbon powder adhesive based on fiber filter cotton refined but become, the effective removal of benzene in the air, such as formaldehyde harmful and toxic substances. 6. Strong ultraviolet lamp installed in the ( Early work + work + + light activated carbon catalyst, The windward side of compound filter, function are two: one is the flow of air to instantly kill bacteria, 2 it is to remove bacteria from the adsorption stay in effect filter to suppress bacteria breeding in the filtration system. Product disinfection functions: 1. To realize natural bacteria killing rate is as high as in the air & ge; 99. 999%; 2. After the sterilization factor residue: disinfection, disinfection factor residue. 3. Efficient purification: 0 in the air. 1μ M above the tiny particles of dust removal & ge; 99. 00%. 4. Broad-spectrum sterilization: for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and e. dry bacteria, etc. ; 5. Portable air disinfection purification sterilization factor: high intensity uv mirror reaction; 6. Sterilization categories: high intensity ultraviolet rays can kill all kinds of microbes, including bacteria breeding, spore, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsia and mycoplasma. Working principle: the static parts of the fan will be airtight room dirty air suction machine inside; By ( Early work + work + + light activated carbon catalyst, Composite filter size will be the air dust filter; Indoor air by multivariate function of each unit and complementary disinfection purification unit, can quickly kill bacteria will indoor air oxidation, adsorption harmful gas and dust in the air, decompose back into pollution-free, H2O and CO2 output and fresh air. Environmental science and technology professional, concentrate, focused on plasma air disinfection purification machine research, development, production and sales. Environmental science and technology adhere to & other; Leading technology, quality and efficient, customer first, heart honesty & throughout; The concept and quality policy. Innovation driven development, and constantly enhance the company's core competitiveness, implement the strategy of going out and face the world, excellence, continuous improvement, is the core technology.
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