Hospital air disinfection machine application solutions

by:Funglan     2020-11-08
Hospital air disinfection machine application solutions are more miscellaneous, most is to see the doctor, the patient brought the germs, easy to infect, to prevent and effectively reduce the happening of infectious germs, many hospitals are installed air disinfection machine, not only can prevent the spread of the virus can also sterilization, can make the hospital operating room, baby room and other departments to fulfill the requirements of clean. Each room under the introduction for you need to use what kind of air disinfection machine is appropriate: 1, the outpatient service hall the whole environment in the maximum flow area, the area virus is high. Every day there are a large number of staff in the work, and people come and go, choose cabinet air disinfection machine is the most suitable. 2, the hospital ward relatively closed, air pollution and odor is serious, the main body is weak, easy cause postoperative infection. Can be installed a wall-mounted air sterilizer, remove peculiar smell, let the patient and escort personnel have a good environment, but also can prevent the spread of disease. 3 room, laboratory, treatment of a large number of high-risk infectious substances, virus, blood, etc. Disinfection purification of air environment in addition to protect health of workers, can also make the results more accurate. But according to room size, installation cabinet air disinfection machine and wall-mounted air sterilizer. 4, general medical exam room space is small, the air circulation, most doctors are in close contact with patients, if patients carrying infectious virus, is a doctor is easily through droplets, blood, etc by virus, health threat. Install wall or embedded air disinfection machine, efficient air disinfection sterilization, to ensure the safety of medical staff. Like a large hospital, if need to install the air disinfection machine hall, and a central air conditioning, suggest install central air disinfection purification devices, the coverage is wide, the price is relatively affordable. Ok, that is today's introduction, air disinfection machine can meet the demands of medical institutions, three kinds of air quality, and a variety of styles for your choice, there is always one is you want. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, medical air disinfection machine, medical air purification sterilizing machine, etc
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