Hospital wall-mounted air disinfection machine, the use of hospital air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-02-27
What is the correct use time of the medical air disinfection machine? The following medical air sterilizer manufacturers will introduce the characteristics and use time. The main performance of the medical wall-mounted air sterilizer ▲ The main body of the medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine is made of completely non-combustible metal material through modern moisture-proof technology, and the surface layer is made of crystal panels. The style is fashionable and novel; it is different from traditional air-conditioning plastics The shell is wall-mounted, with no novel appearance and poor flame retardancy;   ▲ Full clamshell case, the surface of the case has no bumps, does not hide dirt, reduces secondary infection, is easy to clean, and is convenient for daily cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance. Time-saving and labor-saving; different from traditional air-conditioning plastics, which are concave and convex, easy to trap dirt and form secondary infections, which is not conducive to daily maintenance and increase labor intensity;   ▲ unique bottom-in and top-out air structure, with silent axial flow fan circulating air , It is more conducive to the principle of circulating air supply and avoids the cold breeze blowing directly on the patient. Different from the traditional wall-mounted air-conditioning plastic shell, the upper and lower air outlet methods;   ▲ Using microcomputer program control, large screen Chinese LCD display, touch screen operation, more convenient human-computer interaction;   ▲ Imported main control chip, with clock timing chip, stable work Reliable;   ▲ Temporary disinfection function of touch-sensitive control panel and program-controlled automatic operation disinfection setting, can set the switch time arbitrarily;  ▲ Super far infrared remote control receiver, remote control, 45 degrees left and right control, remote control design has Anti-loss function;   ▲ working status display in air volume mode, free selection of high, medium and low wind speed;   ▲ equipped with a backup UV tube start device, the supervisor will automatically support the failure of the backup tube;   ▲ UV enhanced disinfection function and automatic intensity detection;   ▲ mirror stainless steel plate Enhance the reflection coefficient of ultraviolet radiation intensity;   ▲ automatic detection of ultraviolet lamp, fan, negative ion faults, real voice alarm;   ▲ automatic display of ultraviolet working prompts and fault indication devices;   ▲ has the function of timing the whole machine life;   ▲ has the function of cleaning and maintenance reminders; ▲Using super-strength, long-life, high-standard C-band (wavelength 253.7nm) ozone-free ultraviolet circulating wind antibacterial and anti-virus;    ▲ Built-in high-concentration incremental negative ion generator, release negative ions to control air particles to purify the air;    ▲ Built-in photocatalyst filter (TiO2 ) Antibacterial and decomposition of organic matter;   ▲ Built-in activated carbon net to deodorize and deodorize.  Medical air disinfection machine disinfection time  1. Ultraviolet air disinfection time   The sterilization time is recommended to be about 45 minutes, and it can be appropriately controlled between 30-60 minutes according to the specific situation. (For example: in the case of good ventilation and light conditions, reduce the sterilization time or not sterilize; in the case of poor ventilation and light conditions or during the outbreak of epidemic diseases, sterilize for about 60 minutes, and increase the frequency of sterilization appropriately). 2. The time setting of the plasma air disinfection machine can be divided into 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and the room air can be disinfected at any time;    3. The time of the ozone air sterilizer can be set from 0 to 240 Minutes, when the machine is disinfected, personnel must leave the scene, and the personnel can enter after 60 minutes of shutdown. Instructions for setting the use time of medical air disinfection machine:   1. (plasma, ultraviolet) can coexist with man and machine, and personnel must leave when disinfecting with ozone disinfection machine;   2. The extinction rate of the above air disinfection machine to natural bacteria in the air is ≥ 90%, the extinction rate of pathogenic bacteria in the air is ≥99.9%.
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