Hot summer environment began looking for sales elite

by:Funglan     2020-11-25
Hot summer looking for sales elite started environment recruitment started, do you still hate for his talent and YuanTian someone all day? Are you still looking for a reliable and with the development of the enterprise and worry? What are you waiting for, at present there is a chance in front of you, only need to pick up the phone, one step closer to success! Wanted: the salesman/sales representative, sales manager; Hiring co. , LTD. : 10 people; Working location: guangdong dongguan. Job responsibilities: 1, responsible for the company's products sales and promotion; 2, according to the marketing plan, finish the sales target; 3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range; 4, responsible for market information collection jurisdiction and competitor analysis. Office: ( 28 - age requirements 40 sexs, have certain customer resources) 1, junior college or above, major in economic management, marketing and other related professional; 2, 5 years working experience in sales management or related business management, and has more than 3 years YiXie industry, clean industry sales management and leadership experience; 3, strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion, marketing network and sales cost control experience; 4, has the rich client resources and customer relationship, good performance; 5, good interpersonal communication and negotiation skills, analysis and problem solving skills; 6, work rigorous, honest and upright, strong planning and strategic thinking; 7, integrity, loyalty, can lead the team to complete the performance indicators and the tasks assigned by the company; 8, a strong dedication to work, have a certain leadership ability; 9, healthy body, no bad working records. Salary: 1, basic salary + commission + words + year-end funds, social security, Detailed interviews) 2, working time: 8 hours / 5 days and an half, independent air-conditioning office; 3 enjoy legal holidays, vacations, bonuses, and the company's annual travel, etc. ( Medical equipment industry, clean or hvac industry experience is preferred) Job benefits: fill the bag eats encase meal traffic subsidy fee allowance of medical treatment insurance eight hour day national legal holiday probation full pay perfect attendance award project prize short-term salary increase free training free travel free medical. Job promotion: the salesman/sales representative director of sales sales manager working address: guangdong province dongguan changan town wu ShaJiang bei interview address: looking at maps purchase road no. 5 in guangdong dongguan changan town wu ShaJiang bei interview guidelines no. 5: purchase road bus line: in changan north station in 8 to xin hua road car downstairs; Or changan 16 road to the south west railway station; Or on the 19th road to HuiChang factory. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of environmental science and technology, talent recruit ping and other products
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