How about wall-mounted medical air disinfection machine? Wall-mounted air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2021-03-21
With air pollution becoming more and more serious today, people are eager to develop new equipment that can clean the air. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the first domestic medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine with semiconductor technology has appeared. Many people don't know much about this kind of air disinfection machine. This time I will tell you a bit about it. So what exactly is a medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine? From the disinfection factor, it can be divided into: wall-mounted ultraviolet air disinfection machine, wall-mounted plasma air disinfection machine, wall-mounted ozone air disinfection machine, wall-mounted multifunctional air disinfection machine and so on. It is divided into dynamic wall-mounted air disinfection machine, dynamic and static dual-purpose wall-mounted air disinfection machine and so on. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine is also a very good product among many air disinfection machines. What are the characteristics of the wall-mounted air disinfection machine? The wall-mounted air sterilizer occupies a relatively small space and is not restricted by the installation position. It is easier to match with interior decoration. The noise of the disinfection machine is very small when it is running. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine is usually used for For places with high disinfection requirements, the current wall-mounted air disinfectors have multiple purification functions, which can purify indoor air multiple times. The wall-mounted air disinfection machine sucks part of the dirty air in the confined space and filters it through two layers; the coarse filter and the medium and high efficiency filter filter out the large and small dust in the air, and return the clean air that has been filtered out. The returned clean air dilutes the dirty air to reduce the total number of bacteria per unit volume. This is its great function. The price of wall-mounted air disinfection machine talks about air pollution. I believe that many people think of PM2.5 first, which can enter the lungs through the bronchus and cause asthma, bronchitis and other diseases. In order to avoid PM2.5 damage, people have bought Air purifiers, however, the potentially harmful odors, viruses, and bacteria in the air have been ignored by people. Weiyi medical air disinfection machine can quickly and efficiently remove bacteria and viruses in the air.
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