How, in the invisible pollution health was in the house

by:Funglan     2020-10-12
How, in the invisible pollution substances in the home to health a lot of air pollution is invisible to the naked eye, we can detect, through nose smell smell, the smell of air is bad, if a few days the sky is gray, the air quality index is certainly substandard, our air in what pollutants, follow under the small make up together to get to know: the main pollution sources of 1, carbon monoxide, colorless, tasteless, odourless flammable poisonous gas, is a product of incomplete combustion carbon fuel, at high altitude city or cold environment, the carbon monoxide pollution problem is prominent. 2, nitrogen oxides refers to two kinds of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, most to source in the process of the high temperature combustion of fossil fuels is 3, ozone photochemical smog representative pollutant, is mainly composed of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons in the air in the strong sunlight, through a series of complex chemical reaction and the formation and enrichment of atmosphere. There are advantages and disadvantages, low ozone in the city is a kind of very harmful pollutants. 4, decomposition of hydrocarbon is mainly composed of biological, such as methane, ethylene, etc. Methane structure stable, won't cause the damage of photochemical pollution, but the photochemical activity of ethylene is stronger, also can produce formaldehyde and stimulate an eye. 5, sulfur oxide and particulate matter. Mainly refers to dispersing floating in the air, liquid or solid matter, its granularity in badge level meters, diameter about 0. Between 0002-100 microns, including aerosol, smoke, dust, fog and a variety of forms such as charcoal smoke. Particulate matter is the floorboard of the smoke, dust. The particulate matter, can take on human lung respiration, produce toxic. Even if we don't usually go out, these sources can also enter our indoor, indoor itself will also be there is some dust and particulate matter, and 80% of our time is spent indoors, so the improvement of the indoor air quality is very important. There are a lot of office worker stay in the office, most of the time off work to stay at home, like office goods such as computer, printer, radiation and some taste and long-term open air conditioning, the indoor environment is not very ideal, so the air disinfection is especially important, in order to make our families, children have a good air environment, office or have a good working environment, please choose air sterilizer. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, indoor air sterilizer, air purification disinfection machine, etc
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