How long is the life of the medical air disinfection machine?

by:Funglan     2021-03-27
Many people who buy medical air disinfection machines are very concerned about the length of life, because this is not only a cost issue, but also whether the quality of the medical air sterilizer passes the test, so you must compare and refer to when buying. Don't think about choosing only cheap ones. The most expensive air disinfectors are indeed the most expensive after use, and the maintenance costs and filter replacement costs are high. ??? The general validity period of the medical air sterilizer is about 12 months, which is one year. The life span of the medical air disinfection machine will be reduced. The parts of the medical air sterilizer are consumables, such as the primary filter, We need to replace it for a long time, because the long-term use of medical air disinfection will make the filter full of dust and cause the filter to block. This will seriously impress the effect of the medical air disinfection machine, and even secondary pollution will occur. , So we must pay attention to these small problems, clean and replace the filter in time. Generally, air disinfection machines of general brands need to replace the activated carbon every 2 months or so in the case of severe haze and frequent use. Therefore, the activated carbon inside is very effective for the adsorption of pollution in the air in a short time. Of course, the longer you use it, the lower the effect. Weiyi medical air disinfection machine adopts the original 'ternary semiconductor technology' without replacing internal equipment. Regular inspection and cleaning can realize recycling and greatly reduce the cost of consumers. Therefore, everyone is equipped with indoor air disinfection machines. At that time, it is best to consider the usage of your own room, and after asking the salesperson carefully, consider what kind of disinfection machine is really suitable for you.
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