How much do you know the central air conditioning type

by:Funglan     2020-11-25
Central air conditioning type do you know how much I believe for many outsiders, central air conditioning must not clear how much sort, small make up is one of them, at first nothing special concept for central air conditioning, central air conditioner disinfection purifier is contact the, know about this. The variety of air conditioning in the market, the price is differ, for the types of central air conditioning, here small make up to explain for everybody: 1, according to the installation area to points: 1) Large commercial central air conditioning (2) Household central air conditioning, according to the type 2 points: 1) Split type VRF is to use a super-power outdoor host drive up to 7 indoor machine, thanks to the parallel way, so can easily control the partition. 2) Water system layout flexibility, good independent regulatory, dispersing, each room can satisfy the complex room need to run independently, and pipeline system is easy to decorate. 3) Wind system is equipped with a fresh wind, the guarantee of economic operation at the same time, make indoor air quality health, pure and fresh. The above is the type of central air conditioning, you should have know. Places like with central air conditioning area is compared commonly big, some large hotel mall in central air conditioning are hundreds of thousands of, still need to regular cleaning, the number is a not small QingXiFei, if not timely cleaning regularly, a lot of pollution in the central air conditioning, free of air pollution is bad, will have bacteria, has an impact on people's health. Although the central air conditioning will have some simple purification function, but the degree of purification is not enough, need to form a complete set of use central air conditioner disinfection purifier, use a combination of these, can achieve the best effect for disinfection purification, also save on air conditioning cleaning cost. Many businesses are also aware of the problem, combined with air as stipulated by the state public health requirement specification, at the time of design will install the central air conditioner disinfection purifier, guaranteed to consumption in his enjoy the best quality of air. If a local air is not so good, and how many people will go to! Focus on central air conditioner disinfection purifier production, many malls hotel hospital cooperation, now people more and more concerned about the problem of air quality for some time, the environmental protection has become we are talking about the topic after a meal, it is conceivable that you for the attention of the air, although we can not change the outdoor environment, can be indoor environment problem. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of central air conditioning, central air conditioning air purification disinfector, etc
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