How much is the medical air disinfection machine air disinfection machine manufacturers offer

by:Funglan     2021-03-22
As a hospital disinfection and purification equipment, the effect of medical air disinfection machine is definitely better than that of air purifiers on the ordinary market. The medical-grade air disinfection machine not only removes the tiny particles in the air, but also removes the bacteria and viruses in the air, electrolytically oxidizes them and then filters them into fresh air before being transmitted to the air to avoid secondary pollution. So many people don’t know what the price of this medical air disinfector is better than that of an air purifier. 'Due to market monitoring issues, the price of air purifiers varies, some hundreds of dollars or some The effect of 10,000 yuan is minimal. As a manufacturer of medical air sterilizer, the price of medical air disinfection machine is mainly determined by several parameters. Medical wall-mounted air disinfection machine 1. The air volume of the air disinfection machine is also the CADR size of the air purifier. This air volume determines how much volume can be disinfected and purified indoors. Generally speaking, the larger the air volume, the more expensive the price. 2. Medical air sterilizer technology. As an air disinfection machine manufacturer, it has a variety of core air purification and disinfection technologies, such as plasma electrostatic technology, photo-hydrogen ion technology, ultraviolet sterilization technology and exclusive patented semiconductor technology. Due to different technical principles, the materials used will also be different. If an air sterilizer has multiple technologies, the price will be much higher. 3. The filter price. Most people know that the most expensive air purifier is the filter. The filter acts as a protective wall, and the price determines its grade. The prices of junior high-efficiency filters are different, there are various activated carbon, sub-high-efficiency filters and so on. 4. Shell. A good-looking and practical appearance can make people like it a lot. As a manufacturer that pays attention to appearance and effect, of course, it uses the best materials. 5. Remote control function. As an era of rapid development of intelligence, how can one lack smart remote control? The more features, the more naturally the price will be slightly more expensive.
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