How much medical air disinfection machine air disinfection vendors would offer

by:Funglan     2020-11-09
Medical air disinfection machine as a hospital disinfection purification equipment, the effect must be on the air purifier was stronger than the general market. Medical level of air disinfection machine not only remove the tiny particles in the air but to remove bacteria and viruses in the air, the electrolytic oxidation filter into the fresh air in the air in the transmission, avoid secondary pollution. So a lot of people don't know this kind of medical air sterilization machine was stronger on not less than the air purifier equipment: how much is the price, because the market monitoring, air purifier price is uneven, some hundreds of pieces of some tens of thousands of pieces of little effect is feeble. As a medical air disinfection factory house, medical air disinfection machine prices mainly through several parameters to decide the price. 1, the air volume air disinfection machine size and air purifier CADR in size. The airflow volume size determines how to indoor disinfection purification, generally air volume is larger then the price will be more expensive. 2, medical air sterilizer technology, as an air disinfection vendors would have multiple air purification disinfection of core technology, for example: plasma electrostatic technology, optical hydrogen ions, ultraviolet radiation sterilization technology and proprietary semiconductor technology. Because of different technology principle, adopt materials will not be the same. If a air disinfection machine has a variety of technology so the price will be more expensive. 3, filters the price. Average person all know, air purifier is the most expensive way to filter. Filter as a protective wall, determines the price level. Junior high efficient filter price is different, and all kinds of activated carbon, and high efficiency filter, etc. 4, shell. A good practical appearance makes people like a lot. Pay attention to appearance, pay attention to the effect as a manufacturer, of course, is to use the best material. 5, the remote control function. As an era of intelligence has developed rapidly, how can have less intelligent remote control? The more functional natural price will be slightly more expensive. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of medical air sterilization machine, air disinfection machine, etc
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