How often to clean the filter of the air disinfector

by:Funglan     2021-03-10
How often is the filter of the air disinfection machine cleaned? The hospital is a place where patients are intensive, and the environment inside is easily contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms, which provides external conditions for the spread of diseases and promotes the occurrence of influenza.   In order to reduce the occurrence of influenza, the hospital must take comprehensive measures to purchase relevant air disinfection products to ensure that each disinfection and sterilization meet the predetermined requirements. Compared with other disinfection equipment, the biggest advantages of medical air disinfection machine are high efficiency, low noise, energy saving, and convenient installation. Therefore, it is widely used in medical environments. The built-in filter device can absorb suspended particles in the indoor air. Purify the indoor air and prevent patients from infecting respiratory diseases. This is a function that ordinary air purifiers do not have. At the same time, the medical air sterilizer uses an efficient decomposing enzyme to decompose indoor bacteria during the purification process. , And chemically react with it, completely destroy the internal structure of bacteria; this purification process will not produce harmful substances, nor will it cause additional pollution. For medical air disinfection machines, the importance of the filter will directly affect the use effect of the later equipment, so how should we maintain and maintain the filter? Regular cleaning is necessary: u200bu200b  1, filter : The first layer of filter in the medical air sterilizer is its biggest function to absorb dust and animal hair in the air.  Cleaning recommendations: Generally, clean it regularly once a month. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and rinse with water.  2. Allergy prototype filter: mainly for allergens such as pollen and hair in the air.  Cleaning suggestion: Clean it regularly every month. The difference between it and the filter above is that it cannot be rinsed with water. It can be patted outdoors to remove the impurities.   3. Activated carbon filter: mainly removes the odor in the air.  Cleaning recommendations: This product cannot be cleaned manually. We can expose it to the sun for a period of time and then continue to use it, but it is best to replace the filter with a new filter within six months to make it more effective in deodorizing. You can also refer to the problem of air disinfection machine failure.  4. HEPA filter: It is a high-contribution filter material with a very large adsorption capacity and a significant purification effect.  Cleaning suggestion: HEPA filter can be replaced once every six months under normal conditions. Washing with water will affect the purification effect. If it is washed with water, the frequency should be kept at about 15 times.   The answer to how often the filter of the air disinfection machine is cleaned is the above article. Welcome to buy air sterilizer products.
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