How school with air purification disinfection sterilization machine?

by:Funglan     2020-11-16
How school with air purification disinfection sterilization machine? How to safeguard the health of the staff and students to breathe, let the living space for most of the teachers and students health, reduce indoor air pollution? How to make indoor air clean? For many years, the environmental study and solve the topic, developed for school use of air purification disinfector, its core technology module: : with central air conditioning air disinfector complete set of device for main characteristic is introduced: 1, with all kinds of central air conditioning systems. 2, small power consumption, small wind resistance: device power around 15 w, in normal to send the wind resistance & exhaust air at le; 20Pa。 3, when used in central air conditioning system can not change the original design of the central air conditioning, central air condition shall not be affected. 4, saving energy and reducing consumption. Installed in the inlet of air conditioning equipment, air supply outlet, fresh air, can capture particles in the air, reduce the dust on the air conditioning components, improve operational efficiency, saving energy and reducing consumption. 5, durable, life expectancy in 10 years or so. Engineering installation suggestion 1, with the central air conditioning system, the following A and B scheme can choose one: 2, with the air & ndash; — Air conditioning water system ( Fan coil units) Form a complete set, generally available C, D, E scheme can also be adopted. In addition to form a complete set of central air conditioning air conditioning system disinfection purification devices, also can be installed in our air sterilizer, installed in the classroom, dormitory, office worker is very appropriate, suggest to install on the wall or the type suction a top, so that children can't touch, relatively safer! Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. offers a variety of school, kindergarten air sterilizer, school air disinfection products
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