How to bring staff healthy air air disinfection machine

by:Funglan     2020-11-13
how to bring staff health many job working pressure and complained to the work enthusiasm and energy will be reduced relatively, in addition to relieve psychological self, good working environment is also an important factor. How to work to build a healthy and pure and fresh environment, use air disinfection machine is very good, here small make up to introduce the function of air disinfection machine on several occasions, tell you how to take for health and pure and fresh air for our employees. 1, business hall, some little room, to accommodate many people work together, occasionally there will be a customer consultation, the number of holidays more, if the air is not clean, indoor environment will be more and more dirty. Working in such an environment, workers must have depressed mood, hard to avoid can some complaints. 2, the operating room, mostly closed space, bacteria, viruses, passing through the air, more vulnerable to infection. Environment is extremely important. 3, factory, a lot of people work every day, the body odor, equipment and other objects of taste, easy to produce fatigue, breathing is not smooth, an efficiency is also influential to work. Above three are small make up summary for everyone around us to some of the two sides, during the work using our air disinfection machine can not only work to bring fresh air, also can inject new vitality. under the following details for you: 1, species, there are three main kinds of ( Hanging, suction, cabinet) , according to the size of the space in the choice, the salesman will recommend suitable according to the actual situation for everybody. 2, characteristic: timely filtering formaldehyde volatilizes, bacteria, in indoor dust filter, release the fresh air, intelligent control, man-machine coexist. , convenient operation, light and quick and easy maintenance, use semiconductor parts water pollution. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of disinfection machines, air sterilizer, air disinfector, etc
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