How to choose a household air sterilizer? KJ-168 Your Best Choice

by:Funglan     2021-02-22

The smog hits, maybe you are worrying about buying an air sterilizer again. Which one is more suitable for you and your family? Let us discuss next.

Goal-quickly remove PM2.5

We choose an air sterilizer to quickly remove indoor PM2.5 (inhalable particulate matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns) and create a relatively normal environment for ourselves and our family. In addition, some air purifiers also have auxiliary skills to remove formaldehyde, deodorize, sterilize or humidify, and generate negative oxygen ions. For example, Funglan air purifier manufacturer produced the KJ-168 air purifier, which adopts patent technology that it has the function of water filtering and bacterial removal. 

Purification principle-do not increase pollution if not necessary

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency's website, household air purifiers generally use three technologies to remove particulate matter: electrostatic dust collection, ion technology and HEPA technology.

・Electrostatic dust collection is to create a high-voltage electric field to charge particles in the air, and then attract them to the oppositely charged dust collecting plate.

・Ion technology releases charged ions into the air. They attach to particles and then deposit on the surface of nearby objects, such as walls, furniture, and curtains.

The full name of HEPA is 'High Efficiency Particulate Air filter' (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter), which is equipped with layers of fibers to prevent particles from passing through the effects of interception, impact and diffusion.

Both electrostatic dust collection and ion technology may produce ozone pollution. Ozone is harmful to humans and is also an important air pollutant. According to data from the China Environmental News, in May and June 2014, the number of days with ozone as the primary pollutant exceeded the air limit in 74 cities across the country was more than the number of days with PM2.5 as the primary pollutant. Therefore, I do not recommend these two technologies to friends and family.

HEPA technology will increase working noise in disguise, and the filter needs to be replaced regularly, so friends who choose this air purifier need to consider the subsequent costs at the same time.

Clean air volume-divide by 10~20 to get the applicable area

Whether an air sterilizer is suitable for your home depends on its clean air volume (full name is Clean Air Delivery Rate, abbreviated as CADR). For example, the clean air volume of a certain product is 600 cubic meters per hour, which means that in a certain working mode, it can output 600 cubic meters of clean air per hour and 10 cubic meters of clean air per minute. .

When the air pollution is serious, turn on the air purifier, the air in the room will not become clean immediately. Simply put, the clean air output by the air purifier will continue to mix with the 'dirty' air in the room, making the latter 'slightly cleaner'. Then the 'slightly clean' air is sucked in by the air purifier, and then becomes a little clean air and ran out, cyclically, finally reaching a balance.

If you put a particulate matter concentration detector in the corner of the room, you will find that the PM2.5 concentration can draw an exponential decay curve over time. Under the same conditions, the greater the amount of clean air, the higher the removal efficiency of PM2.5 in the room, and the steeper the curve drawn by exponential decay.

Noise, volume and power-not both

A friend once asked me: 'Is there a small air sterilizer? It's best to put it on the table, the noise should be low, and it needs to save electricity.' I said you want to be too beautiful. The smaller the machine, the smaller the fan. To get the same amount of clean air, the noise and power are likely to increase. The volume of the car air purifier must be small, but the amount of clean air output when it works in the largest gear may not be as large as the smallest gear of the larger household air purifier. Therefore, I suggest not to deliberately pursue the size of the air sterilizer when buying, but to give priority to the amount of clean air, and to make a trade-off between noise, volume and power.

Particle detector-let you see the effect

Buying a mobile phone is worth it, just play it for a few days. Buying an air purifier is not worth it. The instrument tells us that it is not worth it, so we hope that the air sterilizer can come with a simple particle detector to help us evaluate the effect. At present, there is no evaluation report on the particulate matter detectors of various brands of air purifiers, and it is difficult to give a quantitative evaluation on their sensitivity and consistency. Usually we can indirectly evaluate the performance of the detector by opening windows, sweeping the floor, lighting cigarettes, shaking the quilt, etc. If the detector does not respond to external stimuli, or sometimes does not, then please be prepared for the worst.

Air purifiers with particulate matter detectors are generally designed to automatically adjust the gear position. When the air is dirty, the gear position is increased, and when the air is clean, the gear position is lowered to avoid noise. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about it, but the disadvantage is that some friends will play with the air sterilizer at home in the smog.

Filter life indicator-garbage will be dumped when it is full

The trash will be dumped when it is full, and the filter will be replaced when its life is reached. Because the size of the room in each household is different, the running time of the machine is different, and the PM2.5 concentration in each area is also different, it is difficult for us to give a definite service life for the filter of the air sterilizer. This requires the manufacturer to design a filter life indicator function. It is better to replace the filter one month earlier than to use it one day longer. Otherwise, not only will the work efficiency be drastically reduced, the filter may also breed bacteria and harm the health of family members.

When purchasing an air purifier, you can ask the salesperson about the design principle of the filter life indicator. If the other party talks about him, or that this is a so-called 'commercial secret', then there will be a question mark whether the machine's filter indication function is reliable. Do not believe that some manufacturers exaggerate the service life of the filter. Two days ago, I saw an imported air purifier in a neighbor’s house and claimed that my filter could last up to 10 years.

To sum up:

Air sterilizers are different from general household appliances. Smaller TVs can be made do-it-yourself, and you can tell if the refrigerator is cooling or not. But the use effect of the air purifier needs to be evaluated objectively, either for your home or not for your home. This requires us to keep our eyes open when buying, not to be easily confused by the so-called brand awareness, marketing and promotional methods.


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