How to choose a suitable air disinfection machine for kindergarten? —Good comprehensive performance and trustworthy

by:Funglan     2021-03-18
Winter is coming. With the rapid development of industrial enterprises, it is already a luxury for people to breathe healthy and fresh air. The dust and haze in the air are also quietly increasing. Because now with the improvement of people’s living standards, the investment in the training of the next generation is relatively high, and I am more willing to send babies to kindergartens with complete infrastructure and more advanced configuration to train babies. For this reason, facing the current decline in air quality and how It is very important to avoid the spread of infectious diseases. For this reason, more and more kindergartens are beginning to pay attention to the requirements of air purification and disinfection. The air disinfection machines used in kindergartens are trusted by customers. The deployment of air purification and disinfection machines has also become the magic weapon for kindergarten’s external marketing. Parents of a child are more willing to send their babies to a clean and non-toxic kindergarten for training. For the selection of air disinfection machines for kindergartens, I make a few suggestions, because at present, air purification and disinfection machines are relatively hot products in both the civilian market and the medical market. For this reason, how to choose the model becomes very important. Let’s briefly popularize it below. know how. Civil air purification and disinfection machines mainly focus on purification, mainly for use in haze weather and poor air quality environments, but the current national standards are not very strict, resulting in uneven product quality. If you want to choose, you must choose a large Brands and products with reports issued by relevant testing agencies should be purchased. Don’t just look at how cheap the price is. The most important thing is whether the quality is guaranteed. The air sterilizers sold in the medical market are also suitable for kindergartens and schools. Medical-standard products are reviewed more strictly and the standards are more detailed. At present, most kindergartens prefer to buy air sterilizers for kindergartens in the medical industry, but the medical market Air disinfection machines are also divided into three categories, mainly plasma air disinfection machines, ozone air disinfection machines and ultraviolet air disinfection machines. Ozone and ultraviolet rays act on disinfection and have little purification effect. Moreover, ozone disinfection is harmful to the human body and cannot coexist with humans and machines. Known as the short board, the most advanced technology at present is the semiconductor air sterilizer. This type of product integrates purification and disinfection, can coexist with humans and machines, and is harmless to the human body.
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