How to clean the filter

by:Funglan     2021-02-23
Nowadays, many hospitals have clear requirements in the hospital-sensing system, how often the filter of the air disinfector should be cleaned, how often the filter of the air conditioner should be cleaned, and the difference between the cleaning time of key areas and ordinary wards!    1. Follow the superior supervision The requirements.  2. According to the system requirements of this hospital.   3. According to the instructions. The machine is routinely maintained by the manufacturer every six months.   4. According to the local air environment quality.  How to clean the filter screen of the disinfection machine   depends on the usage speed of different departments. For example, some hospital supply rooms clean the filters regularly once a month, and the hospital operating rooms clean once a week. The key areas are cleaned once a week, and the general ward is cleaned once a month. The return air outlet of the air disinfector in the delivery room is cleaned once a week through the leaking net. The general affairs department and the user department are responsible for the quality control according to the product description. The manufacturer usually maintains the machine every six months, wipes the UV lamp and cleans the filter, and replaces it when necessary. The relevant maintenance records are filed by the General Affairs Department and the Institute of Sensory .
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