How to correctly choose the air disinfection in public places?

by:Funglan     2020-10-12
In the fog haze increasingly serious today, air disinfection machine become one of the indispensable to people's life electric appliance. Many public places you need to use air sterilizer, so the air disinfection machine selection is more important. Obviously, the performance requirements for air disinfection in public places and purification effect is more strict. So, what type can have reached the standard of they use, and how to choose? Is an important places of people gathered in public places, there is, at the same time in addition to some problems, such as personnel, air circulation is not smooth, particulate matter more, and so on. By this time have to choose a suitable air disinfection machine, integrated all the related factors, air sterilizer should be used in public places or central air conditioning system air purifier. First, consider public places have relatively ample space, purification effect of air purification disinfector has a lot of requirements. Second, purify ability, we must choose unit time out of a large quantity of clean air purification disinfection machine, in general, the purification of the bulky generally can reach more than demand. And consideration is the air purification equipment maintenance maintenance issues, are the use of air purification disinfection machine quality has a lot of requirements, air purification air purifier sterilizer or central air conditioning system maintenance is also a major bright spot. Public use of air disinfection machine safety index is also cannot be ignored, in addition to the ordinary air purification disinfection machine needed to achieve safety indicators, there is another important place is ozone indicator, because of some special disinfection machine working principle can produce ozone at work and at the same time, if produce ozone is beyond the acceptable range can not be considered. Finally, considering the layout of the environment space, air purification disinfection machine must fuse and space layout of the whole environment. Environmental focus on research and development air disinfection machine, central air conditioning purification devices and other products. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air sterilizer, etc
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