How to distinguish between viral and bacterial cold little common sense?

by:Funglan     2020-11-11
Someone will ask: what is the difference between this and are not sick? Small make up think we should correct face the viral and bacterial cold, for life will reduce a lot of unnecessary worry. Then with small make up to get to know, how to distinguish between viral and bacterial cold? To distinguish the method to have? 1. Through the blood routine examination 2. To observe the incidence 3. Check the symptoms specific how to judge? To look down, the answer. Viral cold: the common cold, flu and viral pharyngitis. 1. Epidemic spread viral respiratory infection group, easily concentrated. 2. Viral cold is embodied in the nasal symptoms of runny nose than pharyngeal symptoms. 3. Onset of the viral infection is not stable, and neglect. 4. Infected leucocyte on the low side, the total percentage of neutrophils is a bit high. 5. For the common cold virus infection temporarily and obvious antifebrile effect can be achieved. 6. Viral respiratory infection nose, purulent sputum almost no purulent secretion. Bacterial cold: bacterial pharyngeal tonsil inflammation. 1. Bacterial respiratory tract infections is not easy to infection. 2. Bacterial upper respiratory tract infection swelling or pharyngeal tonsils with obvious pain. 3. A lot of 4 bacterial infection, purulent secretion. Bacterial infection percentage of the total number of white blood cells and neutrophils are high five. Bacterial infections with common cold work slowly. See that you have any idea? Actually a cold is not terrible, the most worrying is that how to suit the remedy to the case, how to distinguish between viral and bacterial cold reasonable treatment? So how can we prevent? Are we can in life, such as: 1. Pay attention to hygiene clean 2. Pay attention to life work and rest rule 3. Properly arrange exercise 4. Pay attention to a balanced diet. The choose and buy a air sterilizer maintain indoor air fresh, the environment comfortable. Don't know small make up, whether we have learned a thing or two. Although only hundreds of words, but that is the essence. ! In life there are many small details, but we may ignore it, in fact many things more than a heart becomes simple, be optimistic. Small make up hope you good health, peace and happiness!
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