How to effectively solve the air pollution

by:Funglan     2020-11-13
Air quality of air pollution as the name suggests is destroyed, ozone has been subjected to impact, the air quality of our life is more and more low, a lot of people affected by the hazardous substances in the air, such as allergic to dust, tailor's chalk allergic, have sinusitis patients tend to be caused by air of pests, how to effectively solve such problems, a label to how to just calculate safety, small make up to tell you. Environmental experts according to this kind of problem is developed in view of the air bacteria, viruses, particles, pests with efficient killing rate of ternary semiconductors air sterilizer, new national patent and the patent for invention, below small make up to introduce the product for you. Functions and characteristics of products: high purifying: to zero in the air. More than 1 micron particles removal rate of 99. More than 0%; Efficient disinfection: the killing rate of 99 to the bacteria in the air, particles. More than 9%; Broad-spectrum sterilization, to the air to the bacteria, viruses, mold, escherichia coli, etc; Super dust purification, safe environmental protection, far infrared control, remote control; Using LED display screen, high-definition LCD with automatic and manual, timing, three operation modes of arbitrary choice; Imported sensor technology and intelligent control, the realization of automatic switch machine; Has the timing alarm function and maintenance tips for life; Memory function, meet the restart of power, can restore power before operating mode; Optional configuration: a machine operating dozens of devices, bring you a new experience. Application range of products: hospital inpatient, operating room, emergency room, blood stations, clinics, room, laboratory, ICU, CCU, etc; Factory, electronics factory, chemical factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory; Commercial, office buildings, Banks, securities, commercial buildings, etc. ; Public bus station, subway station, airport, hotel, supermarket, hotel, library, etc. Air harmful substances since can't change nature, outdoor pollution also affects the indoor air quality at the same time, so don't worry, the indoor air pollution air sterilizer clean air for you.
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