How to prevent a cold air disinfector circulating use

by:Funglan     2020-11-20
When the weather changes, the four seasons transition, cause a cold is peak season. So in this case, is also the fastest, the most frequent bacteria breeding. If you don't take preventive measures, will cause all kinds of symptoms of colds. We all know that avoid contact with who has a cold, especially the hand contact. Can also reduce the risk of infection, with reported experimental research applied to kill the virus tissues and maintain good personal hygiene habits can reduce the spread of rhinovirus colds. Should we how to prevent air then? Small make up can tell you, we can use air disinfector, as the name suggests this air disinfector for airborne bacteria, mildew, virus and coliform. To realize natural bacteria killing rate is as high as 99 in the air. 99%, and with it we can solve the problem of worried about the spread of air bacteria. So small make up take you understand the next cold pathological reasons: cold pathogens for the virus. A, common are: 1. Rhinovirus: in 1956, was isolated from patients with cold to is a genus of small RNA virus group, for single stranded RNA viruses, without envelope of 15 ~ 30 nm in diameter, ethyl ether, but not acid, liable to be inactivated in a solution of pH 3, in a dry environment can survive for three days. 2. Coronavirus: belonging to coronavirus group, as the envelope of single stranded RNA viruses, acid in ether and sensitive. A diameter of 80 ~ 150 nm, has a unique bar coated particles ( 膜粒) Since the cyst, proliferation, within the cytoplasm through the cytoplasmic budding and mature. At least 3 strains ( B814, 229 e, and 0 c43) Can cause respiratory tract infection, of which 229 e and OC43, children and adults is the cause of the upper respiratory tract infection, accounting for 15% ~ 20% of adults, occasionally also can cause pneumonia and epidemic of chest pain. 3. Influenza and parainfluenza: often children's lower respiratory infection caused by a virus, its pathogenic after respiratory syncytial virus ( RSV) 。 Second, rare are: 1. Respiratory syncytial virus: in 1956, first in the lab isolated from respiratory infection orangutans, envelope of single stranded RNA viruses, a diameter of 120 ~ 200 nm, pulmonary virus genera belong to vice mucus virus, only one serotype. The virus is highly stable, virus less 2 days at room temperature, 100 times in 4 ℃ refrigerator within 4 ~ 6 days also reduce 100 times. The main pathogens in childrens' respiratory tract infection, adults usually cause mild upper respiratory tract infection, in the elderly and immunocompromised patients is critical. 2. Adenovirus: for no envelope, endoreduplication double strands of DNA virus, a diameter of 70 ~ 90 nm, a symmetrical face body, relatively stable - 20 ℃ low temperature. Men have been in 41 serum was isolated strains, there are more in the middle of the plant. Clinically can be characterized by various types of infection. 3. Intestinal virus: refers to the pathogens enter the body through the digestive tract, gastrointestinal tract and other systems ( Such as: nervous system) The pathological changes, since then, pathogens and the intestinal excretion and continue to spread. 4. Called enterovirus: in the early 1960 s, people and animals from respiratory or this kind of virus was isolated in the gut, at that time, the principle of its pathogenesis is not clear, so it is called the respiratory tract ( R) , gut, E) , orphans, O) The virus, or reovirus. 5. Herpes simplex virus and E - B virus and so on. Third, mycoplasma pneumoniae, A, C, G group of streptococcus and non-living pathogenic factor 1. Allergic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, which is refers to the atopic individual after exposure to allergens mainly mediated by IgE medium ( Mainly histamine) Release, and a variety of immune active cells and cytokines involved in the nasal mucosa of noninfectious inflammatory disease. 2. Atrophic rhinitis: it is a chronic inflammatory disease of nasal cavity and slow development with regional disease. Women with the disease is more, multiple in young adults, health and life's claim was susceptible to the disease conditions, gradually reduce the trends in recent years. 3. Vasomotor rhinitis: is the neuroendocrine regulation of nasal mucosa blood vessels, glands function imbalance caused by a high reactivity nasal disease. State the function of the nasal mucosa by sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve division. 4. Nasal septum deviation: as the nasal septum is influenced by some factors in the process of development due to the deformation of structure, forms to one side or both sides deflection, or local processes, can affect the nasal physiological function, and cause a series of pathological changes. 5. Foreign bodies, etc all can cause cold symptoms, not the true sense of a cold. Four, other viruses: coxsackie virus, called enteroviruses in intestinal virus type 1 ~ 3, but the virus, epstein-barr virus and herpes simplex virus type 1 can be used as a cold pathogens. See here and what is your feeling? Feel to buy a set of air disinfector is worth it, is a life prevent colds, at the same time also can purify air bring to you and your family health, at the same time also brings comfort. Is a professional research and development, production, sales in the integration of air purification disinfector manufacturers. Let us together, prevent colds want small make up the article to help everybody together create pass love to prevent cold, warm every family, healthy always with you, me, him ( She) 。
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