How to prevent the nosocomial infection of pediatric hospitals?

by:Funglan     2020-10-29
Pediatric hospital, just as its name implies is specially designed for children hospital for the treatment of all kinds of cold and incurable diseases. Is less formal because children's exclusive hospital treatment, we all know that a child susceptible to bacteria, viruses, the constitution differs so nosocomial infection is an important issue, according to related survey of more than 6000 cases of hospitalized children, hospital nosocomial infection of more than 280 people, accounted for more than 4. 7%. So is the infection? Small make up together with you to understand, it is understood that the main infection of respiratory system infection. So let's understand lower respiratory infection. According to relevant data, according to the characteristics of nosocomial infection in recent years, the main G - Coli majority, accounting for 60%, with & beta; - Lactamase positive bacteria accounted for more than three quarters, which makes the use of antibiotics is more demanding more, should pay attention to in the G + bacteria in s. aureus bacteria, including production & beta; - Lactamase positive rate of 90% above. The MRSA accounted for 5% ~ 13%, and enterococcus middle & beta; - Lactam strains also increased; Used to think that the weak form of coagulase negative staphylococcus infection showed a trend of increase. HIV/AIDS, organ transplantation and other immunosuppressed patients in addition to the common pathogen infection, can be seen many special pathogens. For example: Steve, cryptosporidium, cryptococcosis, slave card bacteria, bird mycobacterium, pneumocystis carinii, cytomegalovirus, etc. In the past, only some pathogen of the infection in animals, with the change of the environment can infect people. Nosocomial infection in children with average hospitalization days significantly increased, misuse of antimicrobials is generally. Eventually lead to the pediatric ward pollution is serious, is not disinfection and isolation system strictly, misuse of antimicrobials is causes the most common nosocomial infection. Can also lead to some patients in hospital acquired infection, hospital infection patients after onset. So how do we prevent pediatric hospital nosocomial infection? Nosocomial infection has become a prominent problems in the hospital, more and more get the attention and concern of the medical profession. The time development today, the market has lots of air disinfection vendors would advise, continuous research and development. And was a valiant soldier in the army, offer their own brand at the same time, in the many brands stand out, the development of the first three yuan semiconductor technology integrated air disinfector. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong specializing in air sterilizer, medical air disinfection machine, central air conditioner disinfection purifier equipment, clean engineering, and other products, set research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the high-tech joint-stock company. With air purification disinfection machine to reduce the incidence of nosocomial infection is the default choice. We hope health continue to every family, every people around you. Life is good, I believe that tomorrow will be better! The bitter winter, travel pay attention to keep warm! Hope you good health and a happy peace!
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