How to solve the public place of central air conditioning deposit overweight?

by:Funglan     2020-11-23
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the central air conditioning applications are more and more widely applied to various fields. Central air conditioning so our country public deposit overweight? Then the more to the more severe, due to long already a long time not for the central air conditioning clean and maintenance. The dust in the air, the air particles, robes and so on attached to the central air conditioning ventilation pipe, such as a long period of time deposits will be more and more the central air conditioning system, bacteria, mold, legionella in central air-conditioning continuous breeding, breeding, air pollution is particularly serious, environment has become our life an important public health problem. So small make up together with you to know how to solve the public place of central air conditioning deposit overweight? We can through the relevant authoritative test department or organ, for central air conditioning deposition detection in public places. Parts of The Times development to more than 90% of the public use of central air conditioning, the test results show that health qualification rate of 46. 7%. According to related survey we in the choose and buy the central air conditioning after installation never clean, clean pipeline deposition, dust, and it is already an open secret. In our life is also more to the more widely application field, such as: all kinds of shopping malls, offices, meeting rooms and other public places are installed a large central air conditioning, there are hospitals, kindergartens, family, food, hotels, restaurants, pharmaceutical and other has installation of central air conditioning, the future will be more using different air volume, function, technology in the field of central air conditioning, so can produce different degree of central air conditioning deposition problems in public places. According to 'central air-conditioning ventilation systems in public places health regulations stipulated by the evaluation standard, central air conditioning in public places in our country most contaminative source lies in the duct. Due to the central air conditioning clean need professional cleaning water, professional cleaning staff to clean up, so the cost is high. The market at present still save many central air pollution problems, the problem is not only the national government should publish solution, can we common people also should actively participate in the action to overcome and solve problems together. Reduce all kinds of respiratory disease, caused by central air pollution from solve the problem of central air conditioning deposit overweight in public places to start? According to the small make up to know, in addition to pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance, we must focus on the question of cost savings, reduce the resource consumption, to reduce the budget cost. Then developed a new generation of semiconductor technology air disinfector, is to remove flush semiconductor, dry mount, simple and convenient, do not need professional cleaning agent. Central air disinfector is said to have complete sets of equipment, but also the sterilization, purify the air. Faced with how to solve the public place of central air conditioning deposit overweight? We can voice their opinions, contribute their meager strength. Hope that our country public central air conditioning deposit overweight problems no longer living in the us, let health always beside us, let us work together, believe that tomorrow will be better! Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat. Another month for the sound of footsteps, would have come to a climax, be sure to keep warm, pay attention to guard against theft, pay attention to safety! I hope everything goes well with you all peace, peace happiness and!
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