How to treat fine particles in the air of a hospital with a medical air disinfector

by:Funglan     2021-03-20
1. What exactly are fine particles? The fine particulate matter we are talking about is what everyone calls PM2.5, which refers to particulate matter in the air with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns. Can be suspended in the air for a long time, the higher the concentration, the more serious the air pollution. Because these particles have a small particle size and large area, they are easily attached to toxic and harmful substances, and they stay in the atmosphere for a long time and transport distances. Therefore, fine particles are harmful to human health. There are two main sources of fine particulate matter. One is man-made, including fine particles produced by fuel combustion, second-hand smoke, and automobile exhaust; the other is natural fine particles such as soil, pollen, bacteria, volcanic ash or coal dust from volcanic eruptions. What are the hazards of fine particles? Due to the large area and toxic characteristics of fine particles, it is very harmful to humans. PM10 can be called inhalable particulate matter, that is to say, including PM10 and smaller particulate matter can be inhaled into the body, and affect the respiratory tract and other organs. The particles below PM2 can enter human alveoli and capillaries through the respiratory organs, and smaller particles can even enter the blood. And once it enters the human body, it cannot be discharged. People inhaling fine particles for a long time are harmful to no benefit. How does the Weiyi medical air disinfection machine treat fine particles in the air: Apply the pioneering 'three-element semiconductor technologyThe mute imported from Germany is an advanced technology that integrates advanced filtration technologies such as fans. The all-odor metal nano-photocatalyst net adopts Japan's super strong photocatalyst, and it is also a new generation of air sterilizer that exclusively uses all-odor metal nano-photocatalyst net, which has a significant sterilization effect. Secondly, it can amplify negative ions, and you can also enjoy the fresh air of nature indoors. Finally, it can quickly absorb dust, particles, hair, pollen, remove odors, smoke, oil fume, and fire static electricity to kill toxic, harmful, carcinogenic bacteria and viruses in the air, increase indoor oxygen content, and make life feel fresher.
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