How to turn off the air sterilizer and how to use the air sterilizer

by:Funglan     2021-03-01
How to turn off the air disinfection machine, how to use the air disinfection machine    air disinfection machine, that is, the air disinfection and sterilization machine. In addition to killing bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other so-called sterilization, some models can also remove formaldehyde, phenol and other organic pollutants in the indoor air, and can also kill or filter pollen and other allergens. usage method    usage method    1. The laboratory keeps the disinfection machine instruction manual, and operates as required.   2. Pay attention to the airtightness of the room. Doors and windows should be closed during disinfection to maintain good airtightness in the room. Irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from entering, and the number of indoor personnel should be minimized to ensure the disinfection effect.   3. Pay attention to the hygiene of indoor surfaces. The air disinfection machine is only effective for air and has no disinfection effect on the surface of the object. If there is a lot of dust on the surface of indoor objects, the disinfection machine will produce secondary dust when it is working, causing continuous air pollution by microorganisms, and eventually leading to disinfection failure within the specified time.   4. Choice of disinfection boot time.  1) Preventive disinfection: regular disinfection 2-3 times a day, 60~120min each time. It is generally arranged before work in the morning and after get off work in the afternoon or at night. The general disinfection time is 5 hours.  2) Dynamic disinfection: the purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution of ambient air during personnel activities. It is usually carried out during the peak period of personnel activities.  3) Static disinfection can be carried out once a week for 2 hours.   5. Corresponding records should be made at the end of each disinfection, and the cumulative time should not exceed 4000 hours.  6. u200bu200bAir disinfection manufacturers adopt the principle of ultraviolet circulating air physical filtration and disinfection. Therefore, the space around the disinfection machine should be avoided as much as possible to keep the air flowing smoothly, and the good circulation of the air should be protected as much as possible. cleaning and maintenance   cleaning and maintenance  1. Keep the disinfection machine clean and dry. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after disinfection every day. When cleaning, cut off the power and pull out the power plug to avoid direct contact with water or flushing.  2. When the disinfection machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to let objects or hands approach the ventilation inlet and outlet of the disinfection machine; when handling and loading and unloading, prevent the air disinfection machine from being hit by hard objects or falling to the ground.  3. When the disinfection machine is found to work abnormally (fault display or alarm), immediately turn off the power switch, pull out the power plug, and call the equipment department to check. 4. Check the filter every month. If there is too much dust, open the air inlet panel, remove the filter, and clean it with water or water with neutral detergent. It is strictly forbidden to scrub with brush tools. The water temperature should not exceed 40℃. To avoid deformation, after washing and drying in a cool and ventilated place, install it in the same way and replace the filter every year. The cleaning and replacement of the filter should be recorded.   5. The cumulative time of disinfection machine use does not exceed 4000 hours. If the cumulative time is reached, contact the equipment department to replace the ultraviolet lamp and record it.  6. u200bu200bThere should be no covering on the top of the disinfection machine, nor should it be placed in a cabinet and other environments; when multiple environments are disinfected in turn, it should be gently pushed and placed to reduce vibration.  7. Install and operate in accordance with the instructions of the sterilizer, and pay attention to the safety of electricity. It is strictly forbidden to use it without instruction, training, reading the manual, or being ordered.
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