How to use central air disinfector in hospital ICU environment?

by:Funglan     2020-10-30
How to use central air disinfector in hospital ICU environment? Ⅱ class environments, such as hospitals, supply room in the ICU is a high-risk susceptibility department of hospital we should pay attention to the most, important than the operating room. According to statistics, the ICU hospital infection rate is much larger than the operating room. Some hospitals precautions severe problems now, more than 99% of the ICU laminar flow clean equipment; 90% short of dynamic disinfection requirements; 80% to less than the static disinfection requirements. 'Disinfection technical specifications' has regulation, ICU should be equipped with electrostatic adsorption type air disinfection of the net or semiconductor uv circulation wind disinfector. In the hospital ICU Ⅱ class environments, such as, 'can't use ordinary commercial air conditioner. To the ordinary air conditioning open, the dynamic disinfection of environment are not up to standard. Environment of central air conditioning series air purification disinfection device can be with the ordinary commercial air conditioner barge, solve the pollution problem of the air conditioner itself may exist. In addition, the following dynamic air purification disinfection, differential pressure control and other relevant measures for hospital ICU ( Intensive care unit) And supply &distribution Ⅱ class of environmental air quality standard is very important. Below is the ICU ward several measures need to be aware of and matters needing attention: ( 1) Ward to take hanging structure, layer 2. 6 to 2. 8 m best. ( 2) Enclosure with ceramic tile, dustproof coating, can also use the color steel plate. ( 3) Floor using stone, epoxy resin coating. ( 4) According to dimensional size, select air changes, general air changes in 14 ~ 20 times/h. ( 5) Install air self-purification. Wards and buffer rooms should be more than 8 pa between differential pressure. ( 6) Set the buffer room, buffer room and ICU with clean air curtain. Equipped with computer monitor screen, medical personnel can through a computer screen or glass partition wall monitoring patients. Should be equipped with air disinfection of the net, 100000 grade clean room. ( 7) Shoes, you want to change into the ICU in clean clothes, surgical cap and mask. ( 8) If you have multiple ICU can be equipped with a large volume of mobile air disinfector. In case of emergency can increase air volume, meet the disinfection requirements for a short time. ( 9) Two in the morning and evening with a wet towel to wipe disinfection all the surface of the object. ( 10) Regular air disinfector; Once every three months to maintain air disinfector; Every six months to 1 year, to maintain air disinfector and air conditioner disinfection purifier. More and more hospitals and clinics focus on existing environmental requirements, in each department and the hall to install air disinfector, central air conditioner disinfection purifier, and other products, bring a healthy air for patients and staff, and preventing disease. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfector, medical air sterilizer, hospital air sterilizer, etc
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