How to use the air disinfection machine to prevent air pollution in the computer room

by:Funglan     2020-10-26
School is the motherland beams of the holy land, with the development of The Times. Now rather than agricultural era, electrical and industrial era, but the digital information age. Now computer to popularize global size city, only a small fraction of these remote places failed to install and use. So in this information age the computer has become an indispensable part of education, study generations of another kind of flower is also a motherland entertainment platform. So we all know that more people in the computer room, natural air will decline, poor air quality can affect people's health! Portable air disinfector is also a good choice! So many schools will have a computer room, especially for computer professional colleges and universities is indispensable, USES the multimedia teaching directly in the computer room, sometimes be controlled people in a classroom lectures, sometimes more. Every day there are many different classes, different professional and staff in study, work. So it is conceivable that is usually in the afternoon to clean up the computer room in the evening, how many bacteria, spreading the activity, a batch after batch, carry bacteria and is not the same, it is easy to form a skin infection. Such as allergies, itching, rash and other symptoms, but all who would notice and computer room pollution related to air pollution, equipment, so the prevention using air sterilizer sooner rather than later. In addition to human excrement, so what can cause health effects? Line equipment for the computer itself, more like a spider's web, combined with computer easy to dust. Used a computer knows that there's a cooling fan, radiator and at the same time part of the dust would be blown into the air, be inhaled lung, accumulated for a long time can cause respiratory disease! The air in the computer room is up dust concentration in the air '. 5μ M, the dust grain number 18000 grains, and some will be installed in the computer room fresh air system, but when the fresh air in the room is clean system can't handle in time, or when, dust precipitation will jam fresh air system piping, makes in the wind effect becomes poor, also can let the room air quality worse. The outside air pollution will also be responsible for the effects on the indoor air quality. We all know that computer room air conditioning system is usually a perennial in operation, some maintenance, can cause parasitic bacteria and spread, etc. And computer interior decoration, the material of use put tables and chairs, computer room are relatively closed, harmful gas is difficult to enter indoor outdoor. But the indoor harmful gas generally by indoor decoration materials release of harmful substances. Such as plastic, rubber, paint contains many harmful gas, also can products formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants. Especially the new decorate the room, will send out a bad smell. Currently many schools choose to install in the computer room air sterilizer, first can sterilization, removal of dust, smoke, etc. , second can purify air and release the fresh air, and finally to learning, educators, and staff a safe and healthy environment.
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