How to use the air disinfection machine to prevent H7N9 virus

by:Funglan     2020-11-12
Small make up to share with you how to prevent H7N9 virus, join a blog at air purification disinfection efficacy of disinfection machine. It is understood that H7N9 virus was first discovered in March new subtype of the influenza virus, so far there is no vaccine. For the first time in Beijing on April 15, found 1 H7N9 bird flu virus. Zhejiang found four H7N9 bird flu patients, according to the department of health detection, this year's report the first case of strain full strain highly homologous gene sequencing and always popular season, viruses mutate at present not found. According to statistics the diagnosed with H7N9 bird flu patients increased to 77 people, including 16 deaths. Experts say before the infection has not been effectively controlled, the number of cases is still likely to continue to increase. According to expert analysis, after H7N9 virus infection, the early main symptoms are fever, cough, sputum, muscle aches, less restless and other symptoms. Especially there will be a high fever 38 & deg; C above, difficulty breathing. After the early symptoms, the patient will soon develop into severe pneumonia. What about H7N9 virus for which group? Resistance is weak old man, children are susceptible to high-risk groups. However, young people also cannot treat STH lightly, strengthen prevention is everyone must do. CDC experts said, the influenza virus can through close contact with infected poultry secretions or waste such as infection, also can be transmitted through the respiratory tract, so pay attention to personal hygiene, to strengthen the environmental cleaning, ventilation and disinfection is very important. Speaking of disinfection, small make up recommend air sterilizer for you, the latest scientific research technology, disinfection of up to 99. 99%. The latest three yuan a semiconductor device, equipped with eight big advantage for you to use. To ensure that every time you breathe is fresh air. Every season alternation, originally is the flu season, combined with multiple sites across the country is suffering a H7N9 virus attacks, panic and at that time. Now the most important thing is to prepare to disease prevention, reduce the chance of the spread of the virus. Small make up wish everyone can be healthy and happy every day. Hope can help you air sterilizer, thank you for reading!
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