How to use the air disinfection machine to prevent heart disease

by:Funglan     2020-11-19
We all know that while there are many friends smoking, in order to you and your family, small make up recommend can consider for health insurance, why do you say that? In recent years, the investigation shows that smokers three-fold higher heart disease risk. Not only cause harm for smokers, but also for non-smokers should pay attention to: don't smoke in other people's environment for a long time, if more than three times a week, more than 30 minutes every time, then the probability of heart disease 26% higher than the passive smoking people rarely. So how do we protect against heart disease? We all have such experience, at home or other occasions together at the table to eat, some friends without resistance or happy, will point a cigarette. While drinking smoking, so for friends or family members do not smoke around us is a kind of unintentional injury. Because in all not smokers to release harmful gas, that is received of harmful substances in the smoke control for the habit. So let us know & other; Smoke & throughout; What are the harmful substances? The release of the burning of tobacco smoke contains 3 more than 800 known chemicals, most harmful to human body. Lit cigarette after produce harmful substances classified roughly six categories: 1. Aldehydes, nitride, olefin, these substances can irritate the respiratory tract. 2. Phenols and formaldehyde, etc. , which have the effect that accelerate canceration. 3. Amine, cyanide and heavy metals, which are toxic substances, they destroy the lung and bronchus mucosa. 4. Styrene-acrylic pyrene, arsenic, cadmium, methyl hydrazine, aminophenol and other radioactive substances, these substances are carcinogenic. 5. Carbon monoxide can reduce the ability of red blood cells carry oxygen around the body to, result from a lack of oxygen to tissues and organs, which creates an damage the brain, heart and other organs. 6. Nicotine, can stimulate the sympathetic nerve, cause vascular intima damage, can cause high blood pressure, heart beat faster, and trigger a heart attack. Then we look at the air purification disinfection machine for cigarette filter harmful objects magical effect? When indoor air through the pre-filter, coarse hair, dust and particles in the air, by the circulation fan to the semiconductor ionization device + and the particles in the air bacteria under the action of the ionization of ionization in the semiconductor device + charged, bacteria by electric breakdown ( Lightning) Effect of the particles in the air bacteria will be electric adsorption dust collecting plate ionization in the semiconductor device, cause some shock mulberry injury and cell death; At the same time, the function of the light reaction device, semiconductor catalyst for ev energy ( Electricity) TiO2 transition to, conduction band and valence band - electrons Hole, forms the negative oxygen ions ( O2- ) And free radicals ( 哦) , accelerate the harmful gas catalytic oxidation, decomposition, realize semiconductor catalytic effect. To purify the air through a semiconductor ionization device - again , neutralizing excess cations and dust again after the reaction process of the particles collected by the composite filter, to 0. 5µ M particle purification efficiency of & ge; 90% ( The class of 100000) ; Purify air mixed with supplementary oxygen, the output of oxygen and fresh air. Filter smoke harmful gas only half a minute, and quickly into the fresh air. With it, we also have health protection, air purification disinfection machine is a worthy of choice products. Want small make up a little advice to help more people, such as far away from the harm of cigarette, the prevention of heart disease harm, wish everyone good health and everything goes well, peace and happiness!
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