How to use the air disinfection machine to prevent infection of ICU patients?

by:Funglan     2020-10-22
We all know that the hospital is indoor circumstance is very special, today small make up together for everyone to understand how to use the air disinfection machine to prevent infection of ICU patients? Hospital air quality and health level is directly related to medical staff, patients and family members' health. Emergency medicine is a professional comprehensive science. Is a variety of processing and research of acute lesions and acute trauma of a new major, also refers to in a short period of time, the threat to human life safety accident injury and disease, a kind of emergency rescue measures taken by the science. It is not the whole process of dealing with injuries, but to focus on dealing with injuries emergency stage, the main content is that the recovery of brain, lung, heart, circulatory function caused by the body, acute poisoning, acute trauma, multiple organ failure and so on. Pre-hospital treatment (emergency medicine include: First aid center) , the hospital emergency room, the critically ill patient care unit ( ICU) Three parts. The ICU is an important part of hospital unit, so particularly high for indoor air quality, and to the bacteria in the air environment, dust, makings is very strict, etc, control the total number of fall bacteria & le; 200 cfu/m3, belongs to the medical class II environmental standards. Early nosocomial disinfection usually adopts the fumigation and spraying methods, although these methods can control the spread of some infectious diseases, disinfection and isolation play a role in hospital. Some drawbacks but also larger, chemical medicine fumigation and spray can produce chemical pollution to the environment, and corrosive to medical equipment, equipment, etc. Also can produce some adverse reactions to human body, or even harm people's health. ICU intensive integrated ward, generally important condition to treat acute attack or other departments, in case of an emergency and didn't have time for disinfection work, so there is a problem such as secondary infection! Along with the development of The Times, is now a man-machine coexistence of air disinfection machine instead of the traditional disinfection method, is used to solve the problem of environmental disinfection of indoor air purification. According to understand: the hospital ICU ward air environment in the use of air disinfection machine, found that annual air disinfection percent of pass is 98%, than before the use of air disinfection machine disinfection effect increased by 28%. Effectively reduce hospital bacteria and viruses in the air, on respiratory infectious diseases play an important role, at the same time can prevent infection of ICU patients. A new generation of medical air sterilization machine model not only has the static and dynamic two kinds of disinfection, man-machine coexist with purification technology, also used the semiconductor technology, its advantages: faster than other brands of domestic equipment sterilization time, low noise, beautiful fashion, a variety of disinfection function and simple operation, dynamic man-machine coexistence technology on people's eyes, skin, medical equipment, without any damage, leave no disinfection blind Angle. Medical ICU is the preferred brand, USES the semiconductor type medical air sterilizer, to protect the hospital air environment, and prevent the spread of disease have the effect of a product. To remove the dust in the air and harmful gas adsorption, and can release a large number of negative oxygen ions, protect people respiratory health. But also clean maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving, longer life. Using air disinfection machine to prevent infection of ICU patients, no doubt is the need of The Times, with the increasingly serious air pollution, also in the continuous development of science and technology. Choose good air. Hope to every air disinfection machine suffering disease bring a health insurance, a speedy recovery. Hope everyone healthy body, all the luck, peace and happiness!
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