How to use wall-mounted air sterilizer

by:Funglan     2022-01-15

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted air purifier is a kind of air purifier that can be hung up, without taking up too much space. Now there are more styles and shapes, and it can also play a certain decorative role. The daily use of the wall-mounted air purifier should choose the right installation place, and ensure the opening time. At the same time, the use of the filter element should be checked frequently, so that it can be replaced in time to reduce secondary pollution and affect physical health. So what is the use method and principle of the wall-mounted air sterilizer? Let me introduce to you below.

The use method and principle of the wall-mounted air sterilizer:

1. The use of the wall-mounted air sterilizer:

First turn on the switch of the sterilizer to make the The unit enters the standby state. Then press the 'timing' button on the control panel to select the required disinfection time. When the disinfection machine runs to the preset time value, it will automatically stop. Then, according to your own needs, use the remote control to select remote disinfection and program-controlled disinfection. When using the air sterilizer, it should be noted that if there is peculiar smell or damage to the lamp tube, the power switch of the machine should be turned off immediately and the power plug should be pulled out.

2. What is the principle of the wall-mounted air sterilizer:

The wall-mounted air sterilizer has a built-in plasma air disinfection and purification system , can use a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the atomic particles in the air into charged ions, forming millions of positive ions and negative ions in the air, these ions can simulate the air environment in the mountains of nature, purification is polluted The air can also be effectively disinfected and disinfected, giving you and your family a fresh air environment and escorting the health of your family.

The above content is an introduction to the use method and principle of the wall-mounted air sterilizer. The number of microorganisms will increase, and the nitrogen source contained in the dust and the adsorbed 'water vapor' provide a better environment for many microorganisms, which may promote the proliferation of microorganisms and cause secondary pollution of indoor air, so During the use of the air sterilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to replacing the HEPA filter regularly and timely.

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