Huang ji bright kitchen into paradise 'flies', is a health do not pass or work

by:Funglan     2020-11-25
Huang ji bright kitchen into & other; The fly park & throughout; , it is health do not pass or staff is not responsible for a few days ago, because the restaurant health drink was made on the problem of hair, do not know you did you watch the junior partner, the object is the domestic well-known chain restaurants huang ji. It is understood that the reporter undercover a bright yellow remember restaurant, found several problems: (1) into a kitchen & other; The fly park & throughout; A kitchen knife, the kitchen staff dozen fly; (2) chefs don't wash their hands, hold the flies and Fried bread, moldy rice to wash the pot, and other Don't mold wash to why & throughout; (3) green pepper, fish and other food without washing off the ground, pour the dressing table. As the domestic well-known restaurant, health do not pass or staff are not responsible for? In whose responsibility? The relevant person in charge of the incident after exposure, responded & other; Is an individual case but absolutely can't be accepted & throughout; Will thoroughly investigate the matter. Small make up also in bright yellow remember to eat a few times, taste not bad, but after the incident, the image will be greatly discounted, in fact, in addition to the staff is not responsible for, the relevant departments to also do not have a good supervision effect, is to know the moldy rice contains toxic, it is absolutely can't eat! Although the kitchen cooking, flies and other things can't stop, but want to some methods and measures to be precise, I believe that health this sort of thing will reduce, actually staff health consciousness is very important, pinch the flies and Fried bread, give yourself to eat eat, consumer is spent the money, you should put health measures, which is a basic professional ethics. Believe there is a large part of the restaurants are facing this problem, if consumers see once, will not come again the second time, want to retain customers, in addition to taste good, health also cannot ignore, like many restaurants, the consumers, and air conditioning for a long time, the evening may still use consume water disinfection, the second day of practice will have great wafts of odour, disinfectant, continue for a period of time to disperse, faced with the situation, you can use the brand air purification disinfection machine, effective sterilization of air filtration adsorption some smoke in the air, particulate matter, peculiar smell, etc, like everyone a meal in a hall, and smoking, drinks, all kinds of dishes taste mixed together, with our just good. Can human coexistence, not only ensure the eating environment air is fresh, and reduce the time of service personnel to clean. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air purification disinfection machine, restaurants, air disinfector, etc
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