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by:Funglan     2021-03-28
Human-machine coexistence air disinfection machine Your preferred product The dynamic air sterilizer developed and developed realizes the coexistence of human and machine, so that you will have no worries when you enjoy clean air! The wall-mounted man-machine coexistence air sterilizer runs fully intelligently, and will not cause damage to the staff and the equipment in the house. It is green and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable! With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the relationship between man and machine has been facing huge challenges, and the realization of man-machine coexistence has always been the direction of the company's research and development. Now the company has made a huge breakthrough in the coexistence of man and machine, and has developed a wall-mounted man-machine coexistence air disinfector! The wall-mounted ultraviolet air disinfection machine adopts the intelligent operation of the LCD operation monitoring system, which realizes automatic power on and off, temporary manual power on (remote control), delayed automatic shutdown, display of key components when they are tired, and key component failure alarm (including ultraviolet intensity and High-pressure plasma intensity is lower than the limit alarm) and other functions. The wall-mounted ultraviolet air sterilizer adopts its automatic timing function, will display and alarm when the time comes, and its safety is guaranteed. It is suitable for the dynamic disinfection of indoor air in the hospital's Class Ⅱ, Ⅲ and Ⅳ environments (human and machine coexistence). It is also suitable for the dynamic disinfection of indoor air in blood stations, food and beverage factories, hygiene products factories, electronics factories, farms, warehouses, banks, schools, nursing homes, museums, archives, libraries, restaurants, public places, etc. (man-machine Live together). Compared with other manufacturers' disinfection machines, its price is cheap and beautiful. The specific price is based on its specifications and models. Please call the manufacturer for details to provide you with the best professional service! .
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