Hydrogen ion air purification disinfector light of new style

by:Funglan     2020-10-28
On air sterilizer we saw many, small make up also sent a lot of articles about air sterilizer, so small make up today to share with everyone is hydrogen ion air purification disinfector new light, the light of hydrogen ion air purifier, a combination of advanced oxidation technology and light catalytic technology of air purification technology, using unique wide amplitude photon wave and special metal catalysts, generates super purification, purification of gas can be quickly comprehensive odor removal bacteria harmful gases such as air pollution, also with pure and fresh and clean air. 1, light hydrogen ion air purification disinfector characteristics: ( 1) Energy saving, small wind resistance; ( 2) Potent deodorant, in addition to the peculiar smell; ( 3) Comprehensive purification, no secondary pollution; ( 4) The continuous efficient elimination harmful microbes; ( 5) The safe and stable operation, simple operation, easy installation. 2, optical hydrogen ion air purification disinfector function: ( 1) For the efficient elimination of harmful microbes: instant kill bacteria, viruses, microbial; ( 2) Photolysis can be volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, alcohol, chemical organic matter such as; ( 3) Deodorization function: eliminate objects through the body's breathing, sweat, urine, mildew and rot of chemical reaction to produce odor; ( 4) Settlement of particulate matter, dust, dust, dander, solid sulfur, solid carbide, etc. , small to 0. 01 micron particles. / 3, optical hydrogen ion air purification disinfector installation; Generally, purifier choose to install the inlet or outlet of fan coil units and central air return air or air supply duct. Use screws to fix purifier in the selected location, then connect the power cord to each other. 4, optical hydrogen ion air purification disinfector scope of application: ( 1) Hospital environment: the inpatient, emergency room, ICU, hand shu rooms, clinics, etc. ; ( 2) Governance areas of soot dust: large thermal power plant, cigarette factories, textile mills, printing plant, paper mills, steel mills, cement plants, etc. ; ( 3) Governance exhaust, peculiar smell gas fields: sewage and garbage treatment plants, pumping stations, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, cigarette factories, essence, slaughterhouses, etc. ; ( 4) Business areas: restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, the hotel, the training venue, fitness place, office buildings, Banks, supermarkets, schools, cinemas, etc. Environment research, the author found out that some of the larger place if only rely on air sterilizer to guarantee the quality of the air, no matter from or into the purification efficiency is not cost-effective, even if the super strength of the company chose to indoor air disinfection and purification machine cannot effect a radical cure the source of air pollution. But if by the ventilation system for disinfection purification, can well solve the problem of air pollution, found on the central air conditioning ventilation system clean hydrogen ion equipment, can be fast purify indoor air, and kill bacteria breeding in the pipe system, put an end to the harm of air pollution.
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