In the face of the central air conditioning how pollution and indoor pollution like-minded thoroughly

by:Funglan     2020-11-19
Before we all know how to live the seriousness of the indoor air pollution and pollution of the central air conditioning, so today we take a look at these pollution will bring to our life and physical damage and impact. Next to read with small make up in the face of the central air conditioning pollution and indoor pollution like-minded how to thoroughly remove? The present situation of the indoor environment pollution: in recent years, China has formulated a series of standards relating to the indoor environment, from the use of building decoration materials, to the limitation of indoor air contaminants, omni-directional to strict monitoring of the indoor environment, in order to ensure the health of the people. As a result, people tend to think the living condition of modern is constantly improving, indoor environment pollution has been controlled. Actually otherwise, the people to the harm of indoor environment pollution is far from enough. Should see, at the same time of China's rapid economic development, due to construction, decoration, furniture of indoor environment pollution, has become a major killer influence people's health. According to data provided by the China's indoor environmental monitoring center, excess deaths caused by indoor air pollution each year China up to 11. 10000 people, the excess number of outpatient service of up to 220000 person-time, excess emergency number up to 4. 3 million people. Serious indoor environment pollution not only causes losses to people's health, and caused huge economic loss, in 1995 China only because of the indoor environment pollution health hazard caused by the economic loss is as high as $10. 7 billion. See related data shows that we can know the seriousness of the indoor pollution, so in the face of indoor pollution, in addition to decorate pollution and pollution? At present, China's central air pollution is a problem, cannot be ignored. Look at the first home air conditioning and the contrast between the ordinary air conditioning, then the details about the relevant experts how to decorate pollution? Household central air conditioning and common air conditioning: analysis of the effect of use: household central air conditioning is often more than a host connection terminal, that is to say, one can connect multiple separate-bodied air-conditioners, outdoor and the cooling or heating and submit it to the different space. In addition, the cooling speed is faster, about 5 - 6 minutes can reach the corresponding temperature, are more uniform, in the aspect of supply air can maintain indoor air pure and fresh and comfortable. And common household air conditioning often in refrigeration speed relatively slowly, it takes about 10 minutes of time, and temperature fluctuations is bigger, occasionally there will be a hot and cold, in regulating the indoor air comfort will be relatively poor. Beautiful and fashion: the installation of the household central air conditioner generally adopt hidden mode, in the condole top of indoor machine installed in the hidden space, can greatly enlarge interior space, but also the entire central air-conditioning installation are also indoor decorate a style to fusion, coordination, to maintain the overall good of beauty and fashion. And common household air conditioning will typically take up wall or floor space, affecting both the size of the whole and interior space, also can make indoor part of the decoration is obstructed, influence the overall decoration effect, will have an effect in terms of aesthetics, but also less fashionable atmosphere. Using price: in the early period of the household central air-conditioning installation costs may be relatively high, because the whole installation is system, so need a lot of input, central air conditioning price but now more and more high. In addition, from the long-term interests of consideration, household central air conditioning is more energy-saving, environmental protection, and low energy consumption, for the long-term use of family, will consume less power, and, more importantly, its service life is longer, generally in more than 15 years. So from the overall use of the price also is more appropriate. And common household air conditioning which installation is relatively simple, cost is low, but high energy consumption, service life is about 8 - also 10 years, the cleaning is more troublesome. So from a long-term point of view, its price is relatively high. Although most families still use now is common household air conditioner, but household central air conditioner with the optimization of its price has become the first choice of more and more family. According to above analysis also can be seen that whether in use effect, fashion and beautiful degree, use price, etc. , household central air conditioning has more obvious advantages, the future more and more families choose as household central air-conditioning refrigeration equipment will also become a trend. Central air pollution on the market at present, there are many relevant central air conditioning air disinfector and other related products, whether it is installed inside the pipeline, or installed in the inlet or outlet. Can say with the advanced technology, central air conditioning slowly dealt with different levels of pollution, so how to solve the indoor air pollution? How to remove decorate pollution? First take a look at below experts how to see? Expert investigation found that bedroom adornment material that contain harmful substances will intensify indoor pollution, the pollution impact on children and women more. Relevant statistics show that 2011 Chinese each year die as a result of the upper respiratory tract infection in children, about 2. 1 million, of which more than 100 children died, directly or indirectly related to indoor air pollution, especially some newly built and newly renovated kindergartens and families of indoor environment pollution is very serious. Big cities such as Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, Harbin leukemia children has increased in recent years, and live in excessive decorate a room is one of the important reasons.
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