Indoor microbial particles how to remove harmful to human body health?

by:Funglan     2020-10-27
Today in the 21st century constantly improve people's living standard, the quality of life is getting better and better. But air pollution is more and more serious, with the air pollution in indoor air are affected by outdoor air! Environmental small make up today and share indoor microbial particles to remove harmful to human body health? According to the understanding of environmental science and technology professional medical air sterilizer research and development, manufacture, sales and service into an organic whole, complete enterprise qualifications, strong. It is understood that indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution is serious a few times. Haze is we heard the most, is also well known. Haze days the air contains a lot of microbial particles, general is invisible to the naked eye, less than or equal to 2. 5 microns. It is because the tiny so easy as air into the indoor, combined with the indoor closed air liquidity difference of microbial particles scattered in every corner. Especially in the winter season, because of the cold people back home doors and Windows closed to keep each other warm. Indoor microbial particles is piling up, the longer it is human body in the lungs, flow into the body causing various diseases. So in the face of microbial particles we have no way to? Don't have to worry too much about the small make up recommend everyone before the environment is to want you to rest assured, see air disinfection machine propaganda, to understand the air sterilizer friends all know that the air sterilization machine points: medical air sterilizer series, the series of central air conditioning air disinfector, etc. , proprietary semiconductor technology. Semiconductor air disinfection purification plant: the company invention patent technology, design and manufacture of air disinfector. It is composed of semiconductor ionization + device, light wave reactor, semiconductor ionization ˉ device and composite filter, air disinfection series products. The cabinet ( Mobile) , wall hung, embedded, central air conditioning in each type of sterilizer and device. Indoor air disinfection and purification. Main products: wall, cabinet ( Mobile) Type, type suction a top air disinfection purifier for the central air conditioning air disinfection purifier, the leading domestic semiconductor in the field of air purification air purifier, has applied for national invention patent and utility model patents and has been accepted. The right to obtain corresponding testing report and testing report. According to the related departments detection, found in a variety of indoor environment all have different degrees of pollution, indoor pollution is four times the outdoor pollution. Thus the indoor microbial particles must adopt measures to remove at once, home air purification disinfector is necessary. Sometimes life is tough and sometimes weak without the wind. In the face of today's era of indoor air pollution microorganism particle harmful to human body health, removal of harmful gases and particulates preferred air disinfection machine. Believe air disinfector is worth of trust, with the friends all say good. Time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat. At the end of the pay attention to guard against theft, pay attention to safety, pay attention to health, the New Year will bring, I hope everything goes well with everyone healthy body, all the best,!
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