Indoor particle pollution to people what harm?

by:Funglan     2020-10-28
The three main reasons of air pollution, garbage, car tail gas, factory waste gas, in outdoor air pollution at the same time, also cause indoor air pollution is becoming more and more serious. In particular, some & other; Granular pollutants & throughout; 。 The sterilizer to share with you today, the theme of the about & other; Indoor particle pollution to people what harm & throughout; ! Because of its unique chemical properties of granular pollutants are the main factors of harm to people's breath is healthy. Granular pollutants particle size is small, not easy sedimentation in the air. Difficult to arrest set, also cause a temporary air pollution ( Note: the best way to deal with this kind of particulate matter, is to use with the function of electrostatic adsorption air sterilizer, at the same time easy to along with the air of deep human respiratory tract; Small particle size and granular pollutants. Not only increases its chemical activity, its physical activity also increased, As the appearance of product quality of the unit increases) Adds the occurrence and development of the human body physiological effect. Again, the appearance of granular pollutants can absorb the harmful gas in the air, liquid, and bacteria, viruses and other microbes, make it become a vehicle other pollutants, the harm to human body. In addition, with human body contact time, indoor air state parameters and personnel's labor intensity, the age, sex and physical conditions for cable. The second is to enter the body through the skin. And the case that enters the body through the digestive tract is less. The harm to human health and the properties of granular pollutants, particle size and amount of dust enters the body. Environmental investigation found that the harm of indoor particle pollutants mainly reflects in the harm of indoor personnel, production and environment. Granular pollutants has three ways: the harm of human body is the most important, the most dangerous way to enters the body through the respiratory tract. Environment to understand: the new decorating houses air detection qualified rate is very low, there are unqualified decoration materials and the construction is not reasonable. Indoor pollution is the biggest victim of those children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronic patients, especially children than adults are more susceptible to the harm of indoor pollution. Because the body of children is growing in, breathing quantity according to the weight is 50% higher than for adults, on the other hand, more than 80% of the time children are living in indoor, the pollution harm is not easy to find, when found the problem already cannot be redeemed. Experts from the United States for asthma caused by indoor air pollution survey can see different levels to 65% of children suffering from asthma is from decoration pollution. In view of the above situations, indoor air control moment should not be late. Environmental science and technology production & other Air disinfector & throughout; Is the bane of cloudy air! Boot 40 minutes, the dust particles in the air to remove over 90%, sterilization rate of more than 99%. Adopting advanced three and a half yuan plasma physics purification technology, sad to get rid of dust bacteria without debauchery, round-the-clock to protect the air around you.
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