Indoor PM2. 5 than outdoor indoor containing more than 300 kinds of pollutants

by:Funglan     2020-10-14
Indoor PM2. 5 far above the indoor outdoor, containing more than 300 kinds of pollutants in China & lsquo; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & rsquo; Period, the urban public environment air and health impact assessment report; Project, according to the air pollution can be divided into outdoor and indoor air pollution, indoor is not only due to atmospheric pollution, include harmful material exceeds bid for other reasons, such as, in turn, affect human body health, harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive radon. Air pollution and cause of death, most die of indoor air pollution, the developed countries also affected by the europeans because of air pollution to shorten the average life expectancy for about a year. The first indoor PM2 released by tsinghua university. Pollution may cause investigation report, relative to the outdoor PM2. 5 pollution, indoor PM2. 5 are more significant impact on people & ndash; — Per capita indoor PM2. 5 doses for outdoor 4 times. From the environmental protection department released July city air quality situation, more than 338 local and national city fine days compared with an average of 88. 1%, year-on-year rise in 2. 4%. PM2。 5 concentration for 29 micrograms per cubic meter, and fell by 19. 4%. Although compared with before, in some cities in our country see & other; The blue sky white clouds throughout the stars &; Much time. But in fact, China's environmental air quality standard and international standard also is only & other; Leo & throughout; , namely 'the air quality guidelines' issued by the world health organization (who) in the first phase of the most easy target. In the air quality in the new national standard & other; Good & throughout; , indoor and outdoor air to health, especially for the sick, the elderly, children and other sensitive crowd still has certain influence. To eliminate air pollution, the current market on a wide variety of air purification products. Data shows, the current mainstream technology of air purification disinfector including plasma sterilization dust removal technology, activated carbon adsorption, semiconductor technology, negative oxygen ion, electrostatic dust collection and HEPA efficiency filter, etc. After understand the comprehensive investigation and study, the main pollutants in the air points in three categories: 1. Inhalable particles, including PM2. 5, PM10, smoke, pollen, etc. ; 2. Microbes, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. ; 3. Harmful volatile gases, including ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene series, etc. According to preliminary statistics, in 2013 China's air purifier sales of about 2. 4 million, total retail sales of 2. 6 billion yuan, an increase of 160%. By 2018, air purifier sales will rise to 634. About 60000 units. Even so, China's air purifier industry still in its early stage of development, home ownership is less than 1%. With the us, Japan and other developed countries, compared to 27%, 17% ownership still exist big gap. At the same time, air purification disinfector technology innovation, and upgrade air purification disinfector, showered on the market! For you customise photocatalytic technology: one-time quickly remove a variety of harmful substances in the air, and can continue to clean air until completely pure & lsquo; Medical products & rsquo; , it is specifically for the indoor air condition in our country, to the hospital for consumers & other; Customise & throughout; . It is adopted the independent research and development of semiconductor technology of catalytic reaction air disinfector. Traditional photocatalytic technology for low concentration formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic pollutants removal effect is not obvious. Experimental data show that when the concentration of formaldehyde, benzene content, such as less than 0. 3ppm( One over one million) When using basic light catalyst catalytic technology has no clear effect. Semiconductor technology innovation is to use the photocatalytic technology to purify the harmful gas. Namely under the lights, light catalyst can use uv catalyzed this specific wavelength light source energy, namely through the REDOX reaction of oxygen, water atoms around with it to make the activity of free radicals, these free radicals can decompose almost all harmful to the human body or the environment of the organic material and part of inorganic substances, and the degradation of carbon dioxide and water; And destroy bacteria cell membrane to curing viral proteins, change of bacteria, viruses, living environment to kill bacteria and viruses. ” Environmental semiconductor photocatalytic technology has a broad spectrum effect, the purification efficiency is higher. Light catalyst is a catalyst, in particular, is conducted on photocatalytic material surface catalytic reaction, photocatalytic material itself does not change and loss. Therefore, under the irradiation of light continuously purifying contaminants, last long; Under the condition of the environment pollution is not serious, as long as no wear, no peeling, photocatalytic itself does not change and loss, under the irradiation of light can be continuously purifying contaminants. Environment air disinfector semiconductor product maintenance cost is low, the core components warranty 10 years; Boot available more than 8000 hours without replacement components. Photocatalytic titanium dioxide is insoluble ceramics, in 1968 by the us food and drug administration ( FDA) Certification, in 1983 has been used in food additives, has been approved in Japan itself is also very safe. ” Dongguan environmental technology co. , LTD. , specializing in the production and operation of medical air sterilization machine, semiconductor air disinfector, plasma air sterilization machine, commercial air purification sterilization machine, household air sterilizer, air purifier, air purification disinfection sterilization machine, and the central air conditioning air disinfector, central air conditioning air disinfection purifier. Purification disinfection is an organic whole, is your ideal choice!
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