Indoor ventilation is absolutely important, want to live can see oh

by:Funglan     2020-11-23
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the residential high sealing ability, the popularization of air conditioning and central heating, door and window closed is part of the life habits. So because of that the indoor air is becoming worse, indoor air pollution is more and more serious. Some people began to use the type suction a top air disinfector, air purification disinfector disinfection sterilization products, because we are mostly migrant workers, the economy is not bounteous so we have a lot of time. So small make up today to share with you the indoor ventilation is absolutely important, about events of human life. We all know that the air is one of the indispensable to human body material, so there is no air will endanger people's life. Learned, nearly two days revealed more frequently indoor death, zhejiang jiaxing three gas carbon monoxide poisoning, lead to the death of his father and daughter. Reason: because of the cold weather indoor doors and Windows closed, bath home burning gas discharge carbon monoxide flow into the interior. Finally lead to irreversible tragic situation, which tells us that indoor ventilation is necessary, especially in winter season. We all know that modern life gas cheap and good, so we also know that gas use will produce harmful gas. But we'll ignore it damage, especially cold winter, can not only cook cooking, but also can bath heating. Because of that no matter what season in indoor use gas or other can release harmful gases is must maintain indoor and outdoor ventilated take a breath. According to the related media reports, changsha yesterday a rented accommodation in three female 1 male indoor died, is 20 years old female boys. It is understood that the interior doors and Windows closed and the smell of harmful gas, relevant departments that may be the gas poisoning death. 2016 winter colder and colder, all kinds of heating artifact, heating applications to people's life, so no matter what we all want to know the indoor ventilation is absolutely important not to be ignored. So in addition to gas poisoning, we also note that the indoor and ventilated not in life, the most obvious feelings can divide two points: the first indoor ventilation is not threat to human health, such as furniture, carpet, decoration will make a lot of toluene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful gases, easy to cause a variety of diseases such as aplastic anemia, such as lung cancer, leukemia, and for indoor ventilation, moisture, mold accumulation caused by allergies, hypoxia caused trouble concentrating, and so on and so forth. Then is indoor do not have enough oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration is too high, not only affect people's physical, also easy to produce the mold. Will slowly erode structure parts and shorten the life of the building. So conditional we can install the central air conditioning ventilation system of central air conditioning air disinfector, don't have that much budget can often open a window ventilated take a breath. In all indoor ventilation is absolutely important, indispensable. Hope we can all attaches great importance to the indoor ventilation problems in life, for the sake of our own health, and family life little common sense will not negligible. Spring will come I hope everyone can be safely back home to wish everyone a happy New Year, good luck, good health!
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