Indoor when these symptoms, need to pay attention to indoor air quality

by:Funglan     2020-10-28
Indoor when these symptoms, need to pay attention to indoor air quality! Many residents, office workers stay indoors after a long time, occasionally will feel some discomfort, generally we will think is the cause of the body, seldom go to pay attention to indoor air quality, air quality or because of some causes, in our life, there are many about because of indoor air quality is bad, following the air disinfection machine below small make up together to get to know, when we met in ordinary can prevent below: 1, wake up in the morning, even feel suffocated, nausea, dizziness; 2, the family easy to catch a cold; 3, although do not smoke, and seldom contact, but often feel throat is uncomfortable, foreign body sensation, breath not free; 4, home and children often cough, sneeze, immune suppression, the house that new clothes builds children don't want to go home; 5, skin allergy problems are common family, and clusters; , family, a total of 6 a kind of disease, and leave the environment after the symptoms have significant change and improvement; 7, the couple a long time not pregnant, did not find the reason; 8, pregnant women in normal pregnancy cases found that the fetus malformation; 9, new move or after new decoration, indoor plants to survive, the leaves yellow, wither easily, especially some of the strongest vitality of plants are also difficult to normal growth; After 10, new move, the family's pet cat, dog or tropical fish without rhyme or reason to die, and around the neighborhood in the same way; 11, is to work feeling throat ache, respiratory dry, time grew to dizziness, fatigue, after work, there is no problem, and other staff have the feeling with the floor; 12, new decorating family and office room or new home with a dazzling, pungent, irritating odor, and more than a year still smell. Various cases listed above, are caused by poor air quality, meet the above situation, we might as well improve the indoor air quality, open the window and ventilation, conditional also can buy brand air disinfection machine, sterilization purify indoor air, eliminate peculiar smell and formaldehyde. Remember that five years ago, feng gong said: some people into the air cleaner on the road; Did not expect, after five years in Beijing, universal have become air purification machine. It is all because of the fog, we on the road, in the company, in the hotel, in a restaurant, in the car, even at home are hard to avoid its harm, and we don't become indoor air cleaner, environment unwilling people such as air purification machine, then start to purify a product independent research and development, design & ndash; — Semiconductor air sterilizer, to help people solve the air quality problems brought about by the most damage. Domestic first-class air disinfection purification comprehensive service provider, manufacturing of fresh air. Provide all kinds of air disinfection machine, indoor air disinfection machine, air disinfector, etc
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