Insight into the air disinfector remove PM2. Effect of 5

by:Funglan     2020-11-06
When it comes to air pollution, whether life or on the Internet, when it comes to, talk about, the most is the haze. So small make up all spoke so much about the fog haze, solve the problem of fog, so you might want to, how to still say haze? The fog is about living before, how to prevent? How to solve? Around the theme of life, so small make up today to share with you the air purification disinfection machine remove PM2. The working principle of 5. With the development of the era, global warming, air pollution. Our living environment is getting worse, how many expert in struggle in our country, in the first line of the war of resistance against Japan, to research and development to improve the environment, new technology of air disinfector. Success, yes, there are many experts are still in the test, there are still trying to. In environmental technology co. , LTD. Dongguan hired engaged in indoor air disinfection, purification experts in medical industry, guide the research of air disinfection purification products of the company. Finally in the March 14 years of science and technology novelty search report, 14 years in production, may a new scientific research technology, means that the living environment more a helper, people more than a copy of the insurance. So let's see what is the distinguishing feature of new technology and functional effect? Air into the indoor air sterilizer, the first application & other; Semiconductor catalysis & throughout; And original semiconductor ionization device and & other Specular light & throughout; Technologies to make the particles in the air under the action of bacteria is ionization in semiconductor devices charged, bacteria by electric breakdown ( Lightning) Effect, the bacteria will be trapped in the air ionization in the semiconductor device on dust collecting board, cause electric shock injuries to the cell death; At the same time, the function of the mirror light reaction device, semiconductor catalyst for ev energy ( Electricity) Semiconductor catalytic transition to, conduction band and valence band - electrons Hole, forms the negative oxygen ions ( O2- ) And free radicals ( 哦) Harmful gas, accelerate the oxidation, decomposition, realize semiconductor catalytic effect; Purifying negative ionized air through the semiconductor device, and excessive cation and dust again after the reaction process of the particles collected by the composite filter, to 0. Purification efficiency of 5 microns & ge; 90% ( The class of 100000) ,PM2。 Completely remove 5 microns; Output and fresh air. The above is a new generation of air purification disinfection sterilization, dust removal, the process of decomposition of harmful gases.
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